What is zen meditation? How does this differ from general meditation? What is it used for and how can I …?

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learn more about it?

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General meditation is complete introversion, while Zen meditation involves using everyday tasks as a way to empty the mind. I have used it while cooking, folding clothes, and taking part in swordplay. I’ll use sworplay as an example. It depends on reflexive action, and if you and your partner practice long enough you can reach a state where all thought ceases and you act out of no-mind…


Zen is Buddhism that is taught in Japan and Tibetan Buddhism is Buddhism that is taught in Tibet.
Often when Buddhism moves from one culture to another as with the movement from China to Japan, certain aspects are stressed or emphasized.
Tibet has the more magical aspect of Buddhism.
All Buddhist emphasize great compassion.
There are all different ways to meditate. You need to find what works for you whichever tradition you choose.
I found this book very helpful and have referred it to many of my friends.
“How to Meditate: A Guide To Self Discovery” by Lawrence Leshan
Good luck.


Zen sitting meditation is called zazen.
It differs from other meditations because the mind is not being used to think of visuals, mantras, etc. During zazen, the mind concentrates on the breathing and posture. If a thought comes up, which it usually does, you just let go of it, like a cloud in the sky. During zazen, the mind can be in it’s original peaceful state (moshotoku). During zazen, there is nothing to loose or gain. You just sit. If zazen is used for anything, it’s used just to be your normal self.
The people here are the real deal. I suggest clicking around on their website. If you want to, call them up (they are kind people.)
I hope I have helped. If I can help more, you can contact me.


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