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What is your worst near death experience?

I had a near death experience yesterday and i dont know if i will ever get over it. There was a man in the park that stabbed me in leg, i manged to get away from him by hitting him in the eye with a twig. The police caught him and apparently it was a hate crime because i was a homosexual, What was your worst near death experience?
apparently he goes to school with me :-/.


  1. The person in the car in front of me was hit head on and died. The person who was the driver was intoxicated with an open bottle of booze in the car he was on his way to enter into a detox program. I keep on thanking GOD for sparing me because I was next in line. The gratitude was overwhelming. I started going to Temple after that because I knew I had to do good deed to thank GOD for my life.

  2. I was passing this semi and there was a vehicle coming with one dim headlight that looked very far away but all of the sudden it turned its brights on and it was another semi that was almost right in front of me! the semi i was passing thankfully slowed down A LOT and let me scoot in front of him. I had to pull over and sit for a while and let my nerves calm down. I was terrified.

  3. This don’t look like a near death exp. It’s more like a bad dream. Or it was a bad experience. In a near death ex. you feel extremely well and calm. There’s no more attach, nothing of this earth matters at all, you already let go of it all, you’re leaving… and it feels so right… I came to die 3 times in my life and it was the best feeling I had ever had.

  4. Years and years ago while driving south on 68th St. I noticed that while driving that i was not, the car was totally driving itself. How coulld this be I wondered? Well yes I was altered at the time, but this wasn’t funny to me, I looked over at my two passengers and said Dudes, I’m not driving, but someone is , I said , I think I crashed, and I’m dead, and I said then so are you . One of my buddies said I’d better shut up, which I did. Until we pulled in to the driveway! I then came back!

  5. You will always remember it, of course, but you’ll most likely get over. Right now, it was only yesterday. It will take a heck of a lot longer than a few days.
    Decades ago I was in a tiny car with my two girlfriends. One was in the back, one was driving, and I was in the front seat. It was dark, but I saw headlights pull out into our lane and it was clear that “the headlights” were coming at us straight on at an extremely high speed. I pretty much “knew” that there was no way I would live.
    Within seconds (or less) we were hit. I don’t remember being hit. I just remember believing I was certain to die and being very angry and disgusted at this drunk who was headed towards us.
    My girlfriend, the driver, was killed; but our other friend and I survived. This car was so small that my girlfriend’s arm and my arm were only inches away from the other’s.
    What did I learn (good or bad) from this? I came away from the experience no longer innocently believing “it won’t happen to me”. I was immediately thrown from being young and kind of carefree into being someone who saw life as very short and time as very, very precious.
    I learned that thinking I would be dead in seconds wasn’t all that bad. I had been calm and resigned. I learned, too, that in the face of believing someone was about to kill me, I was angry rather than afraid.
    I came away from the experience not having a real sense of humor when it comes to drunk driving and speeding drivers.
    I learned – as a survivor – that I hadn’t just survived a deadly accident. I learned that I was also an emotional survivor. I had vowed not to let “this thing” take me from me that it already had (my best friend since childhood). I learned that people who go through that type of thing often come away believing they were spared for some reason – some “plan” in the Universe.
    You will get over it, and you will come away a stronger, wiser, person (even if you find that you can’t get back that innocent sense of nothing ever happening to you).

  6. In 1992, I hit two trees head on whiling driving to work (at a speed of 60 mph on a winding road). I don’t remember hitting the trees but I do remember driving. I was found nearly unconscious (eventually I slipped into a coma) with a very low pulse with lots of blood loss. I can’t recall any of this. However, I often dream of this hard to explain frantic scenario where I see these people above me moving rapidly while I slip into a beautifully lit place. That is the extent. I guess I was maybe on the verge of passing but saved.

  7. I had a very weird experience. It was my moms bday, Dec 22 and we were buying some christmas gifts when I felt my body freezing but I just ignored it. Then the coldness make me berzerk and I was rushed on the hospital and there are like 5 nurses keeping me still but my body is shivering. Then it seemed like my eyesight is eventually fading and I was asking myself If Im going to die right at that moment. Then I blacked out after getting a shot. Then after quite some time I woke up and It felt like nothing really happened… weird..


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