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What is YOUR view?

Is there a similarity between the structure of an atom, and the structure throughout the universe. Both are packed with energy. Maybe they are layed out differently because different sizes of structure work under different laws of physics.
Maybe just as atoms and subatomic particles configure themselves to produce the human brain, (the mother of all consciousness as we know it), the universe could also be a molecular structure of an bigger brain (and therefor higher consciousness).
Maybe the different sized structures adhere to different laws of physics… Making our own understanding of our universe and what we are made of narrow, and only evident to the physical senses of which our universe/structure adheres.


  1. Honestly? I think most everything you say here is complete and utter speculation. “Maybe” doesn’t really mean that much. I agree with you that our understanding of the universe is narrow, but until some sort of real evidence presents itself to suggest that the laws of physics may differ in other parts of the universe, I plan on keeping my view grounded in good, old fashioned reasoning and science.

  2. This is an intriguing theory that is also simplistic in its fundamental concept. It is possible that instead of being parallel to each other like the strands of a hair various universes are related to one another through gradual variant of their physical sizes. It is possible that what seem to us, from our universe, as merely differences in sizes are in fact definition of entirely different dimensions in existence linked together what might look to us a continuum of with infinitely big on one side and infinitesimally small on the other, without an end. If this is the case then we are located infinitely in the middle that we are at infinite distances from both sides. It is possible that there is nothing big or small in reality of everything, it just seem to be the case to our material eye, and that things just exist. It is as if the characteristics of big and small are just like characteristic of colours; that a big ball is just as different to a red ball as a blue ball is to a red ball.
    It is true that at the very core of an atom the Newtonian laws of physical certainty do not apply instead at quantum level uncertainty reigns; the state of the things at a subatomic level cannot be predicted, defined, or accurately understood. We do not understand at all what are those laws are that apply to quantum world, and we also do not understand what exactly happens when a stars collapses, for instance. We do not know where the matter sucked by a black hole end up, but according to our normal physical world we know that neither matter and nor energy can be destroyed they only change forms, and that mass can be converted into energy the amount of which can be measured. But what happens to the matter inside a black hole in beyond our comprehension. There is only a theoretical conjecture that that matter appears in another universe somewhere. This might very well be true that might exist other universes at the end of the both a telescope and also a microscope.

  3. the life and the creation of God is perfect, all is wonderful..
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  4. There’s nothing to prove your wrong .We are only capable of understanding what our minds have the capacity to understand. Who knows what reality is .some things are just beyond our comprehension


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