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What is your view on death and reincarnation?

I am interested in this topic as well. I am also interested in reincarnation.
I think that we choose when, where and to whom we are born into after we die. I
think the soul rests before it’s rebirth after we die. I think that we choose
when to be born and where because we have certain lessons to learn or repeat
many lifetimes before we get it right and the graduate to the next step. I also
think that we may choose the way we may die. Like for instance maybe in a
previous lifetime we were rich and have experienced this and in the next life we
will experience poverty. The same with disease i.e.: Terminal Cancer ect…
I do know that for SURE when we die, it is not the end, we continue on the
great circle over and over. And that we indeed carry memories over.


  1. When you die, you’re dead. There is no mechanism for transferring the mind to another body and no reason it would just happen. Furthermore, we’ve seen the mind deteriorate in people as the brain deteriorates, down to the point where they are just mindless animals.

  2. When we die, we are born again as different classes.
    I mean, right now I’m a level 20 W/Mo. But when this character gets deleted, I may end up starting again as a E/Me.

  3. In the Bible, when a person dies, they return to dust. The soul that is sinning-it itself dies.
    Jesus said death (the first death) is like sleep because he will wake those up.
    For example, Lazarus was dead 4 days, and when he was resurrected, he had the same body he had before he died. All the resurrections died, except the resurrection of Jesus, he was the first to be raised to an immortal spirit body.
    Your viewpoint is not in the Bible. What is it’s source?

  4. I believe in reincarnation too, but i don’t agree with you on some points. Like, for me we don’t choose where and when about the rebirth. I think something higher (but what?), choose for us in the way to make us understand our past errors. And then, the great circle stops after a kind of perfect life. That’s only my thought…

  5. I agree . it is a journey chosen. all of this is not the whole essence of “who we are” we choose to live out something.We also choose how we leave.I believe the ultimate “goal” is wakening up. I agree with the other person who answered “it is an illusion”

  6. I believe that I chose the people whom I was born to because of the potential lessons that I could learn. I don’t think that there were definite specific lessons that I could have known about beforehand because I do not believe in pre-destiny. I believe that I (meaning my higher self) also am responsible for any diseases that I may chose to have as well as the specific cause of death. I believe that when I have accomplished all that I came for, my higher self will provide a way for me to die. After death, I believe that I will go to the Otherworld to feast and contemplate my lessons learned before coming back. I do not believe that we need to remember our past lives because remembering too much will take our focus off of what we are here this time to learn. I also feel that nothing happens to me without my higher self’s consent. I may not consciously understand or like it, but it was allowed to happen for a reason. I believe that at this moment, everything is as it should be.

  7. i believe in reincarnation i think we keep coming back and learn as we go until we get it right there is so many stories of people who have been under hypnosis that remember their past lives i would love to do it one day .i went to a clairvoiant once and she told me i was a woman gold prospecter here in australia in the 1800s and that i was very prosperous i would love to know if its true .

  8. I believe that there are a finite number of souls within this planet, including humans and animals. As the worlds population increases the number of animals’ decreases as there is a limited number of souls available. That means when you die, you could either be reincarnated as a human or as an animal. Subconsciously we retain the information of our past lives, that how people under hypnosis remember past lives. A soul is like a flash drive for information, as we die new information is stored on the drive. When this planet is no longer able to sustain life, the race of ancient beings that created earth and us will return to collect the souls and the information being stored there.

  9. I think we die. And based on our lessons learned and our decisions we are put in this relam parralel to our plane of “reality.” In this we are an ancestor now. We have become part of an ancestoral pool of spirits. We will be assigned or will choose a family member or person to help. We will become their Spirit guide and help them learn the lessons we failed to learn until we are allowed by the higher power to live again and try Life another time/times.


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