What is your view of astral travel?





Opinions? Comments? Belief of it or not? Links? Anything?


  1. well astral travel is a very thin place for the reason you never know if you are O.B.E or just dreaming or something else
    for me the way to look at it is unusually with dreaming something wont make sense right away and i will forget most of it when i have come back to normal state of mind
    with O,B,E, or astral travel usually i remember a lot of what happened where i went who did i interact with sometimes it happens when i am sleapping what i call a resting O.B.E.
    there are times where i can meditate my self into a O.B.E.
    thou i find it rather use full to keep a log or journal to keep track of length and thing accomplished and he people i saw it helps me be more than i am actually doing something instead of just dozing off and so forth

  2. i’ve been trying to reach the point of calm to achieve astral projection or O.B.E. Its hard i think but i got some tips if you’d like. I have a couple of questions that i asked myself about Out of Body experiences and a person called inteleyes who’s really knowledgeable in this is, has answered questions of mine as well. Feel free to go and browse about the two questions i have listed.

  3. Satan uses all kinds of false ideas to lure people away from Truth found only in God’s Word and Jesus Christ. You do not have to be deceived by the father of lies. God bless

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