Home Discussion Forum What is your thoughts on the writings of Aleister Crowley?

What is your thoughts on the writings of Aleister Crowley?

Do What Thou WIlt Shall be the Whole of the Law…
Love is the Law, Love Under Will.
No not “heck” but Will
I already know Lon DuQuette as he brought me into the flock


  1. Secular human philosophy predominates most religions. “Do whatever the heck you want to do” … take a look at the world … does that seem to be working for us?
    No, the answer lies in moral absolutes with God setting the rules. People who follow them do better and tend to live longer, like forever.

  2. He was a human with an interesting concept. One that’s been developed and evolved since it’s conception.
    As for the Creed – personally I interpret it as being responsible for one’s actions. Being aware Environmentally, Socially, Politically Economically etc etc etc of one’s impact on the planet and taking acts to minimise this.

  3. Crowley suffered from significant mental and emotional problems. His history, behavior, inconsistencies, product and chaotic lifestyle all make this extremely plain to anyone. There’s nothing to really think about in regards to his writings.
    God bless you.

  4. Crowley wrote a lot of different things over the course of his life, from brilliant philosophy, to bizarre and hilarious poetry. His writings have many levels of meaning and symbolism to them, some of which make more sense to initiates of the A.:A.: or the O.T.O., Occult orders which he was the head of. Much of it requires an understanding of Qabalah, Astrology, Tarot, and Occultism to make sense of in the beginning. The more you read of Crowley, the more value you will find in Crowley.
    Crowley’s philosophy, Thelema, is summed up in the axioms, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,” and “Love is the Law, love under Will.” It is important to understand that “Do what thou Wilt” does not mean “do whatever you want.” By Will, Crowley meant that we should find our true path or purpose in life, our true function, and do it, not letting anything hinder us in this process. It is a statement of individual freedom, certainly, but also one of great responsibility and self discipline. Our whims and wants can often distract us from our true Will. For example, my Will to live a long and meaningful life is thwarted by my whim to smoke tobacco.
    One’s Will is a matter of individual discernment. It is not my responsibility, or even my right, to tell you what your Will is. You must figure that out for yourself, and I must get out of your way and leave you to do it. So, self reliance and respect for the sovereignty of other individuals is the essence of Thelema for me.


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