Home Discussion Forum What is your theory on how crop circles appear?

What is your theory on how crop circles appear?

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  1. Understanding of geometry, sense of humor, rope and a few planks. Maybe a few beers and a bit of graph paper. A field with tractor tracks (used for access to spray etc) for the perpetrator access leaving no trace.

  2. They’re made by people like Doug Bower, Dave Chorley, and John Lundberg.
    They’re made using planks, rope, hats and wire.
    Methods to create a crop circle are now well-documented.

  3. Many hoaxers have confessed to making them. There are lunatics who want to believe in weird “kuso”, so they try to deny that humans could make them. We know for certain that most of them and surely all of them were made by humans, however.

  4. Ditto ditto ditto… most likely bored kids or people who like ruffing up the status quo… But I did think down that avenue of the “what if” scenario and my theory is this…
    a) Lets say you are from the future (regardless of human or not)
    b) and you could in theory teleport into the past (we have scientist working on this science as we speak – you tube “Discovery – First Time Machine”)
    c) the planet moves around the sun so how would you get accurate time and space co-ordinates? Lets say you wanted to got back to the exact time of your fathers birth… when you arrived there you might find you are floating in space because the earth just happened to be on the other side of the sun at that moment?! Messy!
    d) what would be weird enough to make repeated mentions in recorded history, documents, newspapers and general history without upsetting the status quo too much? Maybe something like crop circles? I believe one of the first reports was in the 17thC? They blamed it on the deviiiieeeel.
    e) Maybe the graphic/images/icons that the crop circles are don’t actually have any deep meaning at all (yes maybe a code or message) but they might be so varied (and obviously contrived in some cases) so to be distinguishable from each other.
    f) My theory is … send back probes, if they arrive on terra then they automatically fry/laser some symbol in a paddock and some git somewhere reports it in the local paper.
    g) in the future you would have a record of all those reports with dates and locations. Line it up with your data and presto… co-ordinates 🙂


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