Home Discussion Forum What is your take on Mental telepathy?

What is your take on Mental telepathy?

can you explain it in the lamest term.


  1. myth.
    all those stories about knowing what your family is going to say or feeling are cute, but they can just as easily be explained by being familiar with them and recognizing changes.

  2. I believe that some people are linked to other people whether they know them or not:
    1. Age 11, one grandmother called, asked if my mom was home, she wasn’t. I felt something, I said “Grandma XXX died, didn’t she?” My grandma on the phone wanted to know if someone else had called me to tell me. No. I just felt it. Bond.
    2. Age 33: I was going to a siminar in town. I never leave the office (nerd). When I got to the hotel where it was, I had this feeling of urgency. I called the secretary where I worked and gave her the number of the hotel conference room. She even made fun of me “why would you do that?” I told her that I just had this feeling that they may need to get a hold of me. Half hour later I was summonded to the phone. My youngest needed stitches! Bond
    3. Age 33 on: When my oldest daughter tells a lie, I just know it.
    4. I saw an elderly man in Walmart a few years back who I did not know but I had the sudden urge to walk up to him and just say hello. He talked to me for 2 hours about his wife that had just died. I just listened. He talked and cried and laughed. He really needed someone to just listen. He thanked me for just being there. Drawn to him.

  3. I practice it all the time, consciously or unconsciously. I could not imagine living without this ability I was born with.
    It is my opinion, the majority of people never get to utilize their own minds because of conditioning by others, legal or illegal.
    We already know that the average person only uses an average of 10% of his/her mind and that is not necessarily the same 10%.

  4. For people who’ve not experienced it in a clear way, it seems unlikely.
    For scientists, who’ve done rigorous work and proven it exists, mental (and one may add, emotional) telepathy is a fact, but mechanism is largely unknown.
    For the skeptics, try looking up Grinberg-Zylberbaum, 1993; Sabell, 2001; Wackermann, 2003; and Standish, 2004, for double-control experiments which link two in-sync human brain wave patternings, including influence at a distance, in Faraday cages (i.e., ruling out emf media).
    http://www.lucidity.com has links to some pioneering dream telepathy experiments at Stanford Medical School, which show significant telepathic inlluence.
    Basically, there is God, Mind. At that level, All is One Mind Soul, individuated. It is the Community of the Holy Spirit, the true Church Universal.
    Then there is the distorted or astral realm, which finds two human minds able to sync a la the expts. noted above. This also is dream telepathy area. “Watch Your Dreams,” Ann Ree Colton, “The Master of Lucid Dreams,” Dr. Olga Kharitidi, “The Masters and Their Retreats,” Mark Prophet, are excellent.
    http://www.dreamviews.com and http://www.dreamhealer.com and http://www.divinecosmos.com and http://www.heartmath.org and http://www.noetic.org and http://www.coasttocoastam.com are also worthwhile.
    http://www.tiller.org posits a very credible theory, based on good double-control research.

  5. you must have thought of someone and then they called you or showed up. we all have this attribute.most if not all technology is a down grade of what we already have TELEphones,TELEvision CELLphones etc.. we tend to lose our mental powers by looking at clocks(chronological) and going by crooked calendars ex:oct is 8 but october is the 10th month,sept is 7 but september is the 9th month dec is ten but december is the 12th etc.. you get the point. please look up dr.jewel pookrum also


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