What is your spiritual view on this recession? Isn't that the beauty of religion?

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Through its texts, rites, and rituals, it shows us we can celebrate life in the face of extreme uncertainty,
Shouldn’t we except and tolerate this ambiguity in our lives? Shouldn’t we view life itself as a condition without guarantees, one in which anything can happen to anybody at anytime?
Muscle tissue gets stronger after being broken down. I believe the same is true for our souls. Feeling broken from a crisis opens our hearts and helps us appreciate things we previously took for granted.
Isn’t now the time to tap into your strengths and talents and take your life in a new direction?

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Muscle can’t handle infinite strain, eventually it fails permanently.
Sorry, just running with your analogy.
There’s nothing beautiful about a recession which increases suffering.


Not only that! preachers make more money in bad economies because more people go to church to pray away their woes. Preachers are raking it in now!

Richard B

I think it shows us just what ordinary greed can do to a society. From the highest places down to the lowest, people have lived above their means in order to have stuff and influence. We have to turn away from our incessant want for things and stop thinking that possessions or money will ever bring us happiness in and of themselves.


ask us again when your 401K has melted away, you’re unemployed and have just been evicted from your home because you couldn’t make the payments. everything has limits, Robert. everything. even democrats.

Contending For The Faith â€

Ambiguity? More like hope in the face of adversity.
-Till Christ Returns
God Bless


As a Catholic, we are into one of the most important seasons of the church year–the “40 days” of Lent, a time of penitence, an introspective period during which we take stock of our lives and our relationships to discover and change what we must to prepare for Easter and experience the spiritual renewal that comes when we engage in this type of “making right” activity. So, during Lent we each follow the example of Jesus by sacrificing our own will to the purpose of God.


With the downturn in the economy and the general air of recession, individuals and families who feel they need to cut back on certain purchases might use Lent as a timely opportunity to make the sacrifices they feel necessary. Making economic sacrifices in the context of Lent with its emphasis on personal sacrifice for religious reasons might make some people feel a bit more upbeat about down-sizing some of their consumption habits.
It is an important liturgical and cultural marker, reminding Catholics to take stock of their lives, and in this era of self-indulgence, to practice an element of self-denial by sacrificing some of their cherished everyday consumption habits.
It is also a good opportunity for Catholics to commit to new habits — to helping others, to renewing their faith through spiritual reading, etc. Lent provides a good pause amidst hectic schedules and a reminder to individuals to review and reassess their larger values and priorities.




Surely it shows that having “In god we trust” printed on the money was misplacing that trust completely!!


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