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What is your religion+what is mine?

I worship aliens.
I think the big bang made the evolution for us and all other extraterrestrial life.
I really, really love the aliens and never will be against them.
I believe ALL things have souls, animals, humans, rocks, mountains, anything.
No belief in God
I do not think Aliens have anything to do with how we exist, I just worship them for they are great and sometime in the future they are going to clear the earth’s life because we are ruining it with war and violence, he will take the peaceful ones, like I, to their planet until the clearing is finished and we will be able to live on earth again.
I think aliens are in peace.
I don’t believe violence is the answer, but I believe if we just play around like wrestling and other games that envolve violence that is not against the rules
I think in the end we will reincarnate.
I do NOT believe in karma.
Respect my beliefs and I will respect yours’


  • the bible does say a chariot of fire came from above and took elias. but God is very real. i could just hope you will study the bible and learn new beliefs.

  • My religion is Pagan Metaphysics.
    I believe in reincarnation and karma.
    I believe we are all connected, seen and unseen, and together we make up what we call the Divine Universe.
    I do not believe in a supreme being, or single god/goddess type figure that rules over that universe.
    I believe in the Divine intervention of the Big Bang and the subsequent evolution there after.
    I do not believe Earth is the only planet in the universe where life exists. I think it’s arrogant to think otherwise.
    I believe in energy, ghosts, spirits and magik.
    I believe we all choose our own spiritual path based on our own experiences and that all paths are right and true for each individual.
    I believe all religions are more alike than they are different.
    I believe all religions have bad people who do and say bad things.
    I believe all religions have elements of insight and wisdom.
    I believe the world would find peace if only religious people could learn tolerance for each other, instead of condemnation for that which they don’t understand or don’t agree with.
    Respect my beliefs and I will respect yours.

  • I’m not gonna respect your beliefs. your beliefs are just as ridiculous and worthy of ridicule as those of other theists.

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