Home Discussion Forum What is your real near death experience?

What is your real near death experience?

Real near death experiences please. Please describe. Thanks


  1. Do you mean to imply that persons also have unreal ‘near death experiences’ ?!
    I almost died laughing – a ‘real near death experience’, as you’ve wanted !

  2. The doctors said my heart stopped and I was technically dead for 2 minutes, but I don’t remember anything. So maybe there’s nothing?

  3. I have had a few.
    I almost died giving birth to my 1st child my blood pressure went to over 200.
    I was drugged when I was 16 and almost died.
    My friend drove me off a cliff in the same yr I was drugged we hung by a poll that caught the truck.
    Well that’s enough of the times.

  4. Car crash.
    Fell asleep at the wheel (which was my own stupid fault) and woke up with the car heading off the road straight for a wide, thick tree…at about 100km/h on cruise control heading straight for it.
    Fortunately I woke with a start and instinctively grabbed the wheel – I crashed (it skidded and rolled) but I got out basically unhurt and had a look at where I was…I measured it and was about 5 – 10 metres maximum from hitting the tree…if I hadn’t woken up, I’d say I’d be dead.

  5. Seven years ago I suffered a intra-cerebral hemorrhage (a stroke)), I was in a coma, but after about a year in the hospital I emerged with a new appreciation for life. My doctor told me she was unsure for a bit if I was going to make it, and I am most delighted that I did.

  6. Not me, but my great aunt died momentarily on the operating table. She said she saw relatives all around, including her late husband. She knew it wasn’t her time to go because he had his back to her. Then she pulled through.
    Eerie, ain’t it!

  7. i was in post op recovery room. i now know that i do not take to general anesthetic well at all and makes me constantly throw up for a few days after my operations. i’ve since had a few more ops but they always lay me on my side, because after the first op they had me on my back….this is what i remember.
    i suddenly heard someone far away yelling ‘code blue code blue,’ it sounded like an echo. i heard a lot of people around me all of a sudden and i was being pulled and pushed, rolled back and forth, then i felt something go down my throat. it was suction (ummm yuk) …i was suffocating on my own vomit…the whole incident seemed to last for a long time… i couldn’t move, and it seemed these people around me were very far away….and what they were saying was being echoed constantly. i came around of course and was quite shaken…then the nurse asked me, as she saw tears rolling down the side of my face…..what’s wrong with you???? (in an impatient tone)
    probably the fact that i had GONE blue and stopped breathing had something to do with my being a little upset….some people are sooo in the wrong profession!
    well there you go…i didn’t see a white light or anything else…but i know i nearly kicked it.
    glad to be here!

  8. I broke a farm tractor in half as a teenager. I was coasting down a hill behind our barn, towing a hay wagon when at speed of about 15 miles per hour I released the clutch while the tractor was in 2nd gear. The tires dug into the dirt drive and the tremendous torque caused the cast iron housing connecting the large rear wheels to the front wheels to snap in two. Only the metal tongue of the wagon, which was connected to the drawbar of the tractor, saved me from the rear wheels’ rolling over me. The tongue was twisted into a circular shape but held the heavy part of the tractor off me. I ended up having only minor scratches!

  9. Seeing the beginning of time,
    Being asked to prove I exist and why I was saved. The more I fought to prove both it got harder and harder to do to the point where I could no longer do it. Finally I heard them arguing amongst themselves as the light disappeared there was gold and then flames as I spun faster and faster. Finally I was surrounded by fire as I SPUN faster and faster. Hearing once voice at the beginning then many then a football stadium full and finally like the entire world.
    Then nothing and I came to,
    Then I heard voices in my waking hours again one then few the many then hundreds then 1,000’s and soon like the entire world and I could not hear people when they spoke to me. From time to time I still here voices so I got a loud muffler for the ride to work.
    It seems there is a gate or portal that is open to me some how. Generally speaking the questions are to the Ad Infinitum.
    It is fun some times, but it is a bother,
    Plus I have seen ghost before and when I came back I saw many and now I see few to none, praise the lord for that. The experience was much more complicated, but I do not want to give my book away.
    This thing is still going on I still here and see sometimes, some gift.
    I know no FEAR NOW!


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