What is your rationale for believing heaven and hell but not reincarnation?

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If you can, present your reasoning instead of holy book references, please.

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the bible

Deams of water

about the same as believing in reincarnation and not heaven or hell


God said.


No rationale involved; the lesser folk just believe whatever the hell they’re told to believe, just like sheep eating the grass of whatever pasture they’re told to.


Because I know that reincarnation is not possible. Your soul only goes up to Heaven or down to Hell and once there it’ll never return to Earth.




The bible is bound to be referred to here. Those who believe it, as I do, quote it to explain why we believe what we believe. The bible tells us that there will be only one death for the Christian (that means that we will not be reincarnated only to have to die again (and again and again etc.) What a horrible thought.
It also says that for others there will be a second death. The first death is the death of this physical, earthly body. The second will be at the Judgement when those who did not accept Christ will be sent to eternity without God, known as the second death. Christians will not experience that.
However those who do experience this ‘second’ death will not be reincarnated to live on earth again for a second chance. Eternity means eternity. If we choose to live without God now we will spend eternity without Him also. The book which makes it clear that there are no second chances after death is, of course, The Bible.


I believe that both have an equal chance of being true.


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