What is your profession, education level, colleges, and does that effect what religion you are?






I am a musician and an educator, I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree, both from small State Universities, and I think the experiences I’ve had have lead me to my chosen religion, Thelema. If I’d of gone to Private religious Universities, or was an Engineer I don’t think I would have had the same questions, nor found the same answers I did.


  1. What is “Thelema?” I’ve never heard of it. I have a BA in Journalism from Temple University and an MEd from Holy Family University. (HFU was less than 15 minutes from my house. That’s why I chose it.) No, I’ve always been a Catholic and will always be. The biggest effect on my religion has been this section on YA. I’ve learned a lot about Catholicism and have become stronger in it because of the people here.

  2. I have the same qualifications as you. I did find that having a Philosophy Minor was also helpful in thinking for myself and determining what I truly believed. I will never forget this evengelical Christian in my Moral Philosophy class who just could not think for herself. No matter what the topic was her entire basis was “because Jesus said so” and that was it. She couldn’t argue a point, she couldn’t say what she felt, she couldn’t engage anyone at all and as a consequence she failed the course. I still shake my head when I think about it.

  3. I have an associate in science but now choose to work with at risk children. (formerly nursing) I disagree with the premise that environment and experience are the telling factors about faith based decisions. I think that a person is drawn to something or not, and responds accordingly. In other words, what fulfills your life. I have noticed that former endeavors that did not give me peace in my soul (I believe we have one-personal choice I know) led me to my next step, and so on.

  4. My qualifications are in history and humanities and ecology and yes my university studies had some influence on my beliefs.

  5. I was a Wiccan before I got the first or second BA, or the MS.
    I think it had zero effect on my religion.
    Edit: HEY! RU! BA#1 is from Temple. Biology and Psychology. 🙂
    My wife will be an official engineer this May…didn’t change her religion. This is not the first time I’ve heard someone suppose engineering affected religion.
    My degree-granting schools are, in no particular order, Temple University, Buffalo State College (SUNY Buffalo State)and The University at Buffalo (SUNY at Buffalo.) I’ve taken about 50 credits at 3-4 other schools. I remember I had over 200 CH as of BA#2….
    Obviously, I picked my schools based on how bad they sucked at football.

  6. I have a high school diploma and am a Pagan. I know Pagans who are like me, also many with college degrees. It’s less about education and more about individuality.

  7. My education has definitely had a huge effect on my religious beliefs.
    I grew up in a Nondenominational Christian household with generally strong beliefs. I grew up wanting to be a lawyer and I started studying law. I soon decided that it wasn’t the way for me and I with my law experience I switched to Political Science. In political science I had to put aside my own beliefs to understand others, and realize that we all come from different beliefs and backgrounds, which is the main problem in politics.. trying to represent everyone, and give equal rights to everyone. Things i was against when I was younger like homosexual marriages, I soon changed my stance on. When I graduated from my community college I used my political science degree to pursue Cultural Studies. This again opened my world to many beliefs and how nearly all beliefs are just as relevant as the next and to say that yours is the best or the most right is ignorant and wrong.
    These factors have changed my views from a strong conservative christian to a very libertarian sort of Unitarian Universalist with Christian ties.

  8. answer: College, history major
    I’m disabled. I care for my even-more-disabled-than-me mother and do volunteer work.
    I’ve continued my education on my own and I’m seen as a researcher and elder in the Heathen/pagan community.
    Being a curious type that longed for knowledge before I could read helped lead me to question everything, including religion (and still does).
    Sorry for short answer – more later

  9. losing my profession and a second year college student. usually having a preference in an area will determine what you believe. people who don’t grasp how some things work will just be different, an atheist musician may not understand a word of a hindu engineer. there different and people go through life differently, that’s the beauty of it, people have different preferences and a different mindset.

  10. I am an editor –currently of one of the 4 leading journals on clinical infectious disease medicine in America. I have a bachelor’s degree in fine art but was mentored on-the-job to become a medical news journalist, writer, and editor about 20 years ago, and it became my profession. I had an interest in spirituality and philosophy from a young age and ultimately became interested in eastern religion, philosophy, and mysticism (beginning about 30 years ago). About 5 years ago, I developed an interest in western esotericism (ie, Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, Gnosticism)) and occultism (ie, magick), which developed into an interest in post-modern magick. My interests in eastern spirituality led to my interest in western occultism. My background in clinical medicine, particularly background in neuropsychiatry (I had been the editor of a few small psychiatric journals and also the editor of monthly journal on neurology), influenced my leanings toward a kind of spiritual existentialism in relation to eastern mysticism and also my interest in post-modern magick.

  11. I’m a stay at home mom.
    I have over 6 years of college with no degree – it takes people in my family an average of about 10 years to get a masters. We have some sort of defect that affects our ability to just pick something and stick with it 🙂
    While there were certainly people and courses I took in college that influenced my beliefs and attitudes, I would not say that college had a profound affect upon my religion. Things outside of college were much more influential.
    I went to a small state university and I’m Wiccan. I became Wiccan while I was in college.

  12. I am a writer and a Nursery Nurse. I have advanced diplomas in the field. I had very little formal education as a child. I have my own religion, not based on anything organized.

  13. I am currently retired due toa disability. My career was as a teacher and a Hazardous Waste/Materials Manager. I have a BS in Biology and Geography and a Masters in Hazardous Waste/Materials Management with a specialization in Hazardous Waste Landfill Design. It has had NO effect on my Religion in fact it was the other way around. As Witchcraft is an Earth centered Religion I chose my career based on what I could do to help the Earth as much as possible. I found that I could get the MOST bang for the buck, so to speak, by handling the very WORST that humanity could produce and seeing that it was disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.
    Folks, probably the SAFEST place to live next to is a subtitle 3 Hazardous waste landfill. If it has been constructed according to the rules and the latest scientific principles that stuff isn’t going anywhere for hundreds of thousands of years. And by then it should be totally harmless.
    Brightest Blessings,
    Raji the Green Witch

  14. I’m a college student, I’m working on my BS on Biology (yeah, BS for BullS*beeeeep* because Biology sucks), but next semester I’ll switch my major so I can be happy again.
    I wanted to go to a private religious university but without mercy, they roundhouse kicked my dream to attend there, so now I attend their rival school (which is really cool!).
    I’m Mormon and in addition to that, I’m pretty positive that deep inside, I’m a Princess 😛
    I watch The Princess Diaries and The Little Princess and they said that all girls are princesses.

  15. Nope, moreover my religion affects what job I’m going to school for.
    I’m a cashier at a supermarket. I have 5 years of college under my belt (but no degree…yet). I’m studying for Law Enforcement. I hope to have my LE degree within 2-3 years and my CJ Corrections degree after that.
    My jobs do not affect my religion, because physical things cannot affect the spiritual. Rather, the spiritual affects the physical. I believe my purpose on earth is to help people, so here I am.
    I’m an Eclectic (I hate that word) Pagan who also practices Christianity.

  16. Eh, I have a BS in Applied Mathematics and MS in Psychology. I am also back in school for my BSN and upon graduating, I will go back to school to become a Physician’s Assistant. I was raised a devout Southern Baptist and considered the ministry at one time but became a non-Christian after I had a near death experience. Pretty much all that I had been taught in the church was nonsense. I am also a career soldier and a father and after spending almost 4 yrs in combat, none of what I have experienced is an example of love that G_D is supposed to have.
    Spiritually, I am a Thelemite.

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