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What is your preferred method of scrying and why?

If you don’t know what scrying is, please look it up.
One of you asked about my methods. I started out with a dark room, yellow candles and a black bowl filled with water, found I saw more in the flames than in the water. Now I have 2 crystal balls, one is quite large, about 5″ diameter the other one is flawless blue glass, but much smaller. I use a black velvet cloth because it absorbe light and does not reflect it. I still drift to the candles as I always use them when doing my painting. Guess that could also be considered daydream scrying.
Dreaming is an excellent way of divination, providing you can accuratly interpret them, and I am guessing you dreamers are experienced.
And obviously one of you sees a while lot of shi+! LOL! A little levity never hurts!


  1. Dreaming, If I have something that I want to know or answer I ask for the answer to come in my dreams.
    I like this way because, I like to dream and I’m really good in getting my questions answer in my dreams.

  2. I usually like to daydream. Trying to hear answers to my questions in my head. I feel like if I really want something, I can make it happen.

  3. Mine’s like Esmeralda, I like it in dream form. I concentrate on it before I fall asleep and then it comes to me. I don’t think it’s a vision from anywhere else than my mind, though. In my sleep I can figure things out better than when I’m awake, like I’m still conscious. So, I don’t really know if it’s scrying or a deeper state of thinking.

  4. I sit in my room with my quartz ball I bought, I place it on my stand and just sit there quietly looking at the ball sometimes I burn some incense, what ever I have on hand, The table is covered with a white satin cloth to minimize reflections. I was looking up John Dee and I found his seal of aemeth It was put under his crystal ball when he scried to keep away bad influences I printed the seal out and I am going to try scrying with it and see how it works, I haven’t had any big vision yet just little images but that is enough proof for me that it works, I am also trying scrying in a bowl of water, it is called hydromancy like how scrying with a crystal ball is called crystalomancy, but I havent had any luck yet. I prefer scrying with my crystal ball though because that is the one that I am most comfortable with. Although I heard you can scry with practically anything like crystals, mirrors, water, smoke, and even fingernails, although only the ancient greeks scried with fingernails. I hope I could help, I have tried asking a question like this before but didn’t get very many good answers, Hope I could help maybe you could put details in your question about how you scry

  5. i use one of two crystal balls. one being the first one i ever bought, the other is full of rainbows. i have very good luck with getting answers. i am lucky as i was born into a family that believed so when i began telling them things at age two they listened.

  6. For scrying i like to use a mirror with a black handle and frame, candles of many colours and fragances, door closed so there are no interrutions. I find that it works best for me because i am a leo and love fire, and i enjoy the colour black and feel i have a deeper connection to it than many of the other colours. I have found that this method works best at night, near a full moon or new moon,

  7. Meditate, in my meditation, I always go to my log cabin in the woods with a field next to it and I ask that my spirit Indian guide meet me in the field. I am able to ask him questions and always get answers to my most difficult questions. It gives me a sense of peace, acceptance and belonging that transcends what is here on earth. I also use fire, although rarely, flame from a candle, just won’t do it for me. So, I wait for those times when I can go to my daughter’s house where she has a fire pit or go on a camping trip.

  8. I think i have the best luck with using a witch board . A LOT of the information that comes thru it for me is verifiable and it has been useful in finding lost things,also very entertaining with beautiful stories. I do the twilight dreaming thing , but that seems to only remind me of stuff i already have in my subconscious. with the board I’m getting totally new information given to me.

  9. I have done it many different ways. I have used flames, wax, mirrors, water, crystal balls, incense ect ect. The most effective way for me is to use a bowl of cool water and a candle. Drip the wax into the water and watch the shapes form. They wax just tells the story for me. I have never really had much luck with my crystal ball but candles always do the trick.

  10. Greetings and Blessings, Enchanted Gypsy. Love the question. And the answers, minus the potty one, lol.
    I rather like the ancient Greek tradition(in addition to the fingernails) that was employed at the Temple of Delphi. A cauldron(representing wisdom) filled with water, ringed by numerous candles. As the light from the candles reflect onto the water it induces a dream or trancelike state, allowing images to filter into the mind for rumination and interpretation.
    Or try drinking some Mugwort tea, prior to any form of divination, ie. scrying….be warned, though, and I am wholeheartedely serious: It WILL double or even triple your ability, in that moment and can be very intense. I once drank a cup prior to giving tarot readings, and before I was done with the last person, they didn’t even have to shuffle the deck! I just knew what their question was, by looking at them.
    Swear by The Great Spirit


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