my aura is calm and sometimes goofy


  • My aura is black

    It has occasional flashes of blood red lightning

    Someone said this was unusual

    what do you think ?

  • I do not believe in auras, do not have a religion, and reject all forms of the supernatural as irrational and non-existent.

  • Calm, I guess; ’tis mostly blue and very soothing.
    And yes, ’tis because of power meditation.

    I’m a spiritual (theist) satanist, since you mentioned religion.

    It doesn’t prevent me from being truly acidic in some of my comments, however.

  • My personal aura doesn’t exist, and neither does yours. Get used to it.

    Auras are just a clever way that con artists thought of to take advantage of Newage fools who frequently forget to take their meds.

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