Home Discussion Forum What is your opinion on Universal Consciousness ?

What is your opinion on Universal Consciousness ?

Universal Consciousness : the universe is not a lot of dead stuff with a few life forms in it. The whole cosmos is ALIVE.


  1. Yeah and we might be just all a part of the cosmos. So instead of saying that a dolphin has consciousness we should say that consciousness has a dolphin. It also has me and you too!

  2. The whole cosmos works on laws of physic and chemical reactions
    One object influences other
    But it does not ”think” if it’ s that what you mean

  3. “If you awaken from this illusion, and you understand that black implies white, self implies other, life implies death – or shall I say, death implies life – you can conceive yourself.
    You are the vast thing that you see far, far off with great telescopes.”
    –Alan Watts

  4. It’s interesting. But it might mean it could sense us, or sense something. Even a tree senses the sun. Things that are ‘alive’ have senses and if the universe is ‘conscious’ that means it could possibly observe.

  5. Crystals are minerals that grow and have shapes. There are “Star Nurseries” in space where new galaxies form. If we expand our definition of “life” to include machine/computer consciousness, and simple logical chemistry (atoms intelligently connecting with each other to form living molecules and cells), etc., then this might be how it really is. This is similar to the pantheism of Spinoza and Einstein. If quantum particles can “communicate”, when entangled, then all of the Cosmos is, really connected as Eastern philosophy says.
    But our ability to really sense life at much lower or higher vibrations, is limited, of course.

  6. Each atom has its own inherent consciousness, its not so much a universal one as being a part of the whole. Same as the individual cells in our bodies have their own inherent consciousness that are a part of us but not, at the same time. A cell is born, lives, does its thing, then dies. Just like us as part of Earth, the same as Earth is part of the Universe.
    It’s a concept that is hard to get your head around at first, but it grows on you. lol
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.


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