What is your opinion on magick as in harnessing energy to do your will? Not like Harry Potter crap?






  1. I think its a marvelous thing and have seen it in action. Its a great way to connect with the universe and the Divine.
    *Hollywood stereotypes can be fun though, wish it was real sometimes LOL.*

  2. My opinion in this case is that magick is real, but what most don’t understand is that the influence we have when using it is minimal at best. If there were a way that I could use it to end world hunger, I would. Obviously I can’t because there are still children and their families dying every day from malnutrition.

  3. The only power a Wiccan seems to have is the ability to fool themselves. Delusion is common for any believer, but at least other believers claim that God, not they, have all the power. Wiccans strike me as arrogant to pretend they have any influence with “magick”, but maybe that’s just splitting hairs. After all, I suppose a believer that thinks prayer has an actual effect on the world is just as guilty.

  4. The power of magic is in your ability to convince yourself that the magic is working. It’s purely psychological. One does not in reality actually harness a physically existing energy but the symbolism of ritually doing so is often an effective shortcut to belief because as humans we instinctively respond to symbols.

  5. There is an unclaimed 2,000,000.00 prize waiting at The Jame Randie Institute for the first person to show such a power. Knowledge saves me the trouble of using opinion in its place, though it took me some year learning this. The truth does not decide.

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