Home Discussion Forum What is your opinion on Eckhart Tolle and his works?

What is your opinion on Eckhart Tolle and his works?

It’s a heated debate! I want to know your opinions. Yes, I have read the books.


  1. Eckhart is pretty cool.
    I agree with his idea about our need to transcend our current ego-based state of consciousness.

  2. Unless attempted suicide becomes a viable technique for realizing enlightenment, at best he is simply telling people something is there and to go find an actual teacher. Put simply, I think his books are mostly a waste of paper.

  3. I don’t get him. Everything he says is so vague and flowery all I get out of it is a bunch of aphorisms that I forget before I’ve even put the book down.

  4. I’ll play the devil’s advocate. I’ve read his books, and haven’t found them to be useful. It seems like a watered-down version of watered-down Buddhism to me. I’m not saying that he’s wrong; only that I didn’t find his work useful or helpful.
    The only thing that really sets off red flags for me was in “A New Earth,” where he implied that people who didn’t find his work useful were somehow less evolved or spiritually immature. There is a degree of egotism in such an assertion that I find inappropriate in a good teacher.

  5. I really like The Power of now and everything i am reading about him ….his books seems so in Harmony with Me!
    (so soft — so german…he is)

  6. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, A false teacher using a powerful woman like Oprah to promote and spread his false teachings and lies, And unfortunately , As indicated by your responders here, Many are not grounded in truth and therefor fall for his lies. Check out this link by this Christian below explaining why his teachings are not compatible with biblical Christianity . God bless.

  7. he`s truly a man who walks the path of enlightenment.
    i never sleep with out listing to his audio`s books.
    he is such a insightful person that i would not be surprise that someone
    would attempt against his life.


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