Home Discussion Forum What is your opinion on crop circles?

What is your opinion on crop circles?

Who do you think makes/made them? I know there’s this group who claims to have made many crop circles but I don’t think they made EVERY single crop circle on Earth. That’s very unlikely because crop circles were found for several hundred years and they were found all over the world. So what do you think causes crop circles?

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  1. It’s this type of kangaroo that jump really high while eating something called “poppies”. It says so on adult swim.

  2. I think it’s silly to say that it’s just one group. I suspect that ever since it’s become popular in the media, hundreds if not thousands of people (probably mostly college students) have tried their hand at making a crop circle. A couple hundred years ago, dust devils could have been responsible for the simple circular “crop circles” sporadically observed, but the unique mathematical designs of today’s crop circles all have a human cause.

  3. a single group claiming to make them? Yeah like Team Satan and Doug and Dave….idiots.
    Why do they claim? Because they want to confuse the world that we are not alone in this universe. They want us to ignore such fascinations…and just peddle us on our way through the current status quo. They want us to be plain and bland and unaware of higher truths and experiences….
    There are very childish people on this earth who would rather suppress us all from knowing the truth. They get in the way. They are selfish for making such claims. It’s actually a form of evil and fear.
    You are correct about crop circles being around for hundreds of years…
    and no technology existed back then to make them on our part.
    Some think we can it now with our satellites, which is utter foolishness. Or that we have ‘drones’ in the military which can fly in, unseen, as they are invisible and can create the crop circles in no time! utter nonsense again!
    And the fact that they are world wide, can not allow for such ‘groups’ claiming them as their own. Distances!
    Of course, people don’t do the the leg work in understanding the crop circles, and can be easily influenced by such ‘groups’ claiming ownership. I pity those people who get suckered into thinking that this is ‘nothing’ but just a bunch of kids who travel the globe and make them…God they must be rich as well….to be able to make all those flights! and not to mention all the walking and seemlessness a s some of the crop circles can appear to have no tampering whatsoever from the outside.
    And what about the fact that the plants are benefited from the energy that created them? I didn’t know that these groups could possess such vast intelligence to actually affect the plants on a cellular level and actually make the plants more healthier than they were in the first place!
    Chromatography sheds great light!
    So much is being ignored! Thumb me down! I don’t care….because there’s alot of CLOSED MINDS on this idiot world. too bad for the lot of you…
    To those who can be open to it…all the power to you.
    The rest can study Einstein and worship him and CERN LHC and everything else that is inappropriate until hell freezes over. Oh yeah, the sky is full of flying pigs and free energy is against the laws of thermodynamics…oops, I guess science of this age is complete and sound. So I guess we are all at the pinnacle of our universal knowledge…no need to further our growth!
    Waste of time going to the university to get educated! No need…since no one is moving on….since we all know everything now…why bother, right?
    Have a nice day……

  4. The first recorded crop circle was in England on the 14th June 1988 on Silbury Hill.
    This was the first circle with an intelligent design.
    Other circles have been recorded earlier – but are likely to be in areas of tornado’s. Tornado’s do touch-down and forn complete circles – but most tail off as well.
    – Then there are the plank boys – hoaxers – but not all of them If anything – they are the distraction.
    The most recent ones that have been very detailed have been found to suffer from microwave heating of the stems. This ties-in with recent “star-wars” technology – that can cook missile sites from space.
    A recent investigation started to conclude that microwave energy was used – but was then squashed by government sources – and no more was heard.
    It is very easy to insert a steel “mask” in front of a microwave source – and paint a shadow picture many miles below.
    Couple this with the fact many are found just outside or within military bases – and it looks more like a weapons test.
    Look on Youtube for the ground-based microwave weapons – and see the similarities.

  5. I’ve never really got into studying them. I just say to people when they ask me. Life is endless, and anything is really possible.
    So something unexplained… human….. not sure!

  6. What are crop circles?
    Crop circles are large compressed patterns in the fields of farmers, worldwide. These crop circles have many different patterns they can be pictures or geometric shapes. The most strange thing about crop circles is that they a radioactive. Another thing that is weird is that they usually have at least 1 circle in the patterns.
    People and their opinions.
    Some people believe that crop circles are made by animals walking in the fields. Some people think that crop circles are one very large hoax. Some people think that they are natural disasters. Some think that they are made by extratrustrals.


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