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What is your opinion on Aleister Crowley?

He was the first Englishman to found a religion – Thelema – which is today a recognized faith around the world. Because of Thelema Students travelled to Sicily from around the world to “find their true wills” or their purpose in life.
Aleister Crowley was a self-proclaimed drug and sex “fiend,” a mostly self-published author of books on the occult and magick.
Crowley inherited a fortune and worked hard at being strange.
Crowley like many great men before him, was a man before his time. He lived in a society that could little understand him or appreciated his latent genius.
His knowledge of witchcraft and magick was profound and without question, and he has passed on that knowledge through his books.
His writings so shocked the peoples of his era that he was robbed of the praise that it merited, and as a poet he never received the recognition he deserved.


  1. none of the above. i think crowley and his suppposed enemies william butler yeats and arthur waite were all involved in a scheme to write occultish books that people believe are real.

  2. I opt for a write-in answer.
    He was a bit daft, tried to catelogue the demons of Hell under the Seal of Solomon, invented what’s called “Goetia,” and has a very cool first name. “Aleister” That just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?
    Just another maddening example of superstition blinding reason.

  3. ?
    How about and instead of or.
    He was all those things in a way. I most appreciated his attempts at useing scientific process on the workings of magik.

  4. Aleister Crowley was a self-proclaimed drug and sex “fiend,” a mostly self-published author of books on the occult and magick….. AND Crowley inherited a fortune and worked hard at being strange…..AND he was evil and creepy.

  5. The next to the last…he taught witchcraft and the occult; but he also really like magic sex rituals.
    A bad, bad man. LOL Think of the Pakistani shaking his finger in Sienfeld’s face. Cause that is what I just thought of.
    But, he truly was a bad hearted man, self will run amok…his own mother called him ‘anti christ’ because he was so vehemently hate filled toward Jesus.

  6. he’s one of my favorite heroes i own a few of his books
    the thing i like most about him is that he was deemed the worlds wickedest man nick named the beast and his bisexuality makes me admire him more also his belief in free will and drug use

  7. I’d have to say a combination of your number two and number three. One is technically correct, four, I think, give Crowley far too much credit, five is right out, as far as six goes, Crowley’s poetry is rather. . . bad.
    Interesting fellow, I did like “worked hard at being strange”

  8. Jeez ! All of the above. Well researched, by the way ! 🙂
    I believe he was definitely on to something, but curtailed his own credibility with self – aggrandizement. The junkie aspect did’nt help him keep a clear head, neither.
    Here’s a great read : “Aleister Crowley – A Magickal Life” by Martin Booth.

  9. L Ron Hubbard, creator of Scientology was a big fan/follower of Alister Crowley. I think this says a lot about L Ron Hubbard and vice versa.
    And I think my opinion is – he was barking mad. Which is probably why L Ron Hubbard was such a big fan! My brother used to have books on him and I saw this fabulous documentary on him once, he was not all there I can tell you.

  10. I suggest picking up a copy of “The Confessions of Aleister Crowley” edited by John Symonds and Kenneth Grant and drawing one’s own conclusions.

  11. Im only responding because MOST everyone elses comments were ridiculous, Aleister Crowley was a great man. He accomplished extraordinary things and should be praised, all of you who think hes nothing more than a sex “fiend” are morons and don’t understand that a being of his spiritual perfection could not actually have a sexual addiction. His chakras were too balanced.

  12. All of the above, other than I wouldn’t describe his magickal practice as witchcraft (In large part because he didn’t)

  13. He was all this and more. He is no more in hell than u r. Altho he may be “happy as hell” lol!!! He was a very couregous soul, that is quite obvious. Perhaps he had to be a bit touched to pull that off. I know I would need to be!
    He was the one who cast open a door to the illuminati’s secrets. He made the mysteries available to us all, should we want to find them-useful or handy. Whether u realize it or not, you have benefited greatly by what he accomplished, sane or insane, or somewhere inbetween.
    Any “sins” he may have committed were by agreement, and by that same agreement, he may well be paying for them now… or not. I would guess he is paying, cause that’s how we tend to do it–all of us.
    Bottom line, he took us all up a big step on the spiral staircase to heaven. Believe it or not, matters little either way. Your understanding only impacts Your life and those who Allow u to influence theirs. You can make it all very tight and constricting as if a boa were squeezing the life out of u, if you like. So what do u want? Do as tho wilt, (as if u aren’t already!!) …and let it be the whole of the Law!
    And oh, by the way–judge not, lest ye be judged–for that is how this fun house of mirrors works!! Jesus said.
    It’s time to wake up. but it’s also time to sleep… Alrighty then!! =D

  14. As a Thelemite, I agree that Crowley held a profound knowledge of religion and magic. Most of what you have written above is true. Crowley was a flawed and complex character, but there is no doubt that his books hold great power for those capable of absorbing them, and that “every man and woman is a star” as written in Liber AL (The Book of the Law).


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