Home Discussion Forum What is your opinion of this Zen quote?

What is your opinion of this Zen quote?

Your true nature is something never lost to you even in moments of delusion, nor is it gained at the moment of Enlightenment. It is the Nature of the Suchness. In it is neither delusion nor right understanding. It fills the Void everywhere and is intrinsically of the substance of the One Mind.
-“The Zen Teachings of Huang Po,” translated by John Blofeld
Peace and Love


  1. The man is a mystic. All mystics of various religions come to the same truth, but each state it somewhat differently. Read the works of Thomas Merton, a Christian Monk. I am reading his book on “The Inner Experience”.

  2. ~~~digilook,,,, Very nice,,, It reminds me of quote from Robert Pirsig who wrote “The Art of Zen and Motorcyle Maintenance” who wrote, “The only Zen one finds at the mountain top is the Zen one brings with them.”,,,,Sorry I don’t have the reference with me to quote exactly, but consider this, my favorite Koan, which I must paraphrase,,,,
    ~ “It is so easy that it is difficult to see,,,
    that the fire(or light) you seek is in your own lantern,,,
    and that your rice has been cooked from the beginning.”,,,

  3. I agree with the message of the quote in part. As a Buddhist there is no moment of enlightenment, there is a continuous struggle to rid ourselves of suffering especially from our various consciousnesses. Even after realisation of the impermanence of such as these there continues a struggle as these consciousnesses continue to infringe upon our true natures.
    A quote to explain….A Buddhist monk was asked if he was enlightened….his answer…
    “No sir, but I am highly eliminated”….an apt response do you agree…?
    Peace my friend from a Buddhist….


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