What is your opinion of 'New age' ideas. Do you think any of it has any value?

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These include such things as astrology, psychic healing, aura therapy etc..

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Whilst dont believe in psuycic healing etc.
the new age culture is the nicests regarding girls, gays, and sexaulity.
And much of it works on a psychological level


Ther is nothing ‘new’ in the new age ideals.
People have been trying to convince the masses of the validity of astrology, psychic healing, and aura-therapy for millenia.
Just because it ‘appears’ to be new, does not make it true.


There must be some kinda merit to New Age ideas, considering they’ve been around since long before Christianity . . .

Leith C

The idea that some grand “ascended masters” always go to losers (who are happy to be told they were once an Egyptian princess because their lives are so crap at the present) to inform them that the aliens from the pleiades have been working with jesus christ and dolphins to help humans to “ascend” is always of value…….


The modern day terminology for “Witchcraft”
Anything that claims to be beneficial to your Body, soul & spirit without the True acknowledging of God’s only provision and solution to Man’s Fallen nature and death sentence – that is-The Blood of the Lamb(Jesus) is not only futile but going against God’s Will.
Going against God’s Will is considered witchcraft.

Rai A

Being WIccan, my moral compas revolves around the creed “Harm None”. It’s open to personal interpreation & I’ve seen it ranging from Vegetarians to defensive positions in the Military.
The top advantages is how the New Age moveemnt is prepared to actualy look at alternatives form many different culturals & historical backgrounds.

Annie Red Head

Bad values. Don’t get caught up in this. It is very dangerous and not about God. Follow the words of the Bible, ask Jesus Christ into your heart, pray and seek what God’s plan for you is. If you sincerely ask, God will never lead you astray and your life will be full of all the value you need. God Bless!!!


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