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What is your opinion of medical astrology? Different body parts corresponding to different signs?

Aries- head, brain, eyes, face, muscles, pineal gland
Taurus- neck, throat, thyroid gland, larynx, chin, lower jaw, ears, tongue, vocal chords, jugular vein, tonsils
Gemini- hands, fingers, arms, shoulders, upper ribs, lungs, bronchial tracts, trachea, thymus gland, nerves and nervous system
Cancer- breasts, breastbone, stomach, alimentary canal, lower ribs, womb, pancreas
Leo- upper back, spine, spleen, heart, aorta, circulation
Virgo- nervous system, intestines, stomach, abdomen, lower dorsal nerves, bowels, nails, spleen
Libra- lower back (lumbar region), lumbar nerves, buttocks, kidneys, adrenal glands, blood vessels, skin
Scorpio- genitals, bladder, cervix, anus, genito-urinary tract, prostate gland
Sagittarius- liver, hips, thighs, arterial system, pelvis, femur (thighbone)
Capricorn- bones, joints, knees, skin, teeth
Aquarius- Circulatory system, ankles, Achilles heal, calves, shins, breath, eyesight
Pisces- Feet
i am a Scorpio and have always had a high sex drive, which corresponds to the genitals being one of the body parts related to my sign. Does anyone else have similar connections between their body parts related to their sign medicaly or in any other way?
LOL yeah, they got the table scraps! Poor Picses. Feet aren’t exactly that great either!


  1. well i haven’t read too deep into this, but i’m a real sucker for people who know how to massage my back lol
    i also like drawing hearts (the real medical kind, not the <3). and come to think of it i like everything else you mentioned about leo lol
    vewy intewesting question, vewy intewesting indeed

  2. Absolutely no evidence that this can be true. No other sign can have a “high” or even higher sex drive?
    You asked for opinions or would you rather have speculation?
    If it’s not science, it’s superstition.
    Edit: Up to the 18th century? When the Enlightenment began? When logic and reason cast away what was false along with lies and superstitions. Don’t know your sources for past medical history CaptainLeaf, but it stopped for a reason. It simply did not work.
    Edit again: How did a doctor of ancient times really know for sure when someone date of birth was? Trust the patient? They may not even know! Until the early twentieth century, birth records were not kept. Except for maybe the upper class or royalty. The ones that could afford to even bother with astrology. For hundreds of years there was little or no record keeping. Time zones were not in use. How could a physician be sure of anyone’s birth sign?
    Edit: My point exactly. Scientists don’t go “believing” things. They detect, observe, measure, test, and test again. When better evidence is found, the old results are discarded. Try that with astrology. How do you detect and measure? Has the people that “study” astrology ever found anything wrong with it or is it perfect?

  3. What is my opinion on medical astrology? I think it’s a fact. Astrology and medicine have gone together for a very long time. In 460 B.C. the Greek philosopher and physician Hippocrates (considered the father of medicine) said, “A physician without a knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician.” In fact, up until the eighteenth century, the study of astrology and its relationship to the body was very much a part of a doctor’s training. When a patient became ill a chart was immediately drawn up. This guided the doctor in both diagnosis and treatment, for the chart would tell when the crisis would come and what medicine would help.
    Edit: I have a book called ‘Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology’ by H.L. Cornell from 1933. I used it to look up Pisces to find other rulerships besides feet, lol. Externally, Pisces rules the feet and toes. Internally, rules the Glandular System, the Lymphatic System, the Synovial Fluids. Structurally, the Bones of the Feet, the Tarsus, Metatarsus, and Phalanges.
    Edit: To Chainlightning, those in power wouldn’t still be consulting astrologers if there were nothing to it. Those who “don’t believe in astrology” are simply too afraid to look at themselves introspectively because it requires you to take responsibility for your own happiness. Also to accept that you’re not in control of everything, which I understand can be a scary concept for some. “If it’s not science, it’s superstition.” Really? Well as I’m sure you must realize, “scientists” didn’t believe in electronic radio waves either until they could be measured, yet they were there all along.

  4. Medical astrology definitely works. Under any afflictions of Mars and Saturn, you can expect physical problems in the signs they are in later on in life.
    Mars creates inflammation, cuts, heartburns in Cancer, fevers in aries etc…. and Saturn will obstruct and hinder for instance, in Libra, he would affect the flow of urine , cause gall bladder stone etc…or in Leo, he would obstruct the proper function of the heart causing strokes etc…
    Then you have afflictions to Venus , Jupiter where sugar and food intake would , sooner or later, tend to overweight, high blood pressure.
    Scorpi rules the genitals and also the prostate and if Mars afflicts there, you will have problems sooner than later. Pisces have weak feet and also ankles even though it is under the rule of Aquarius.

  5. I have a Sagittarius sun, Aquarius rising, Cancer in 6th House.
    I don’t have any problems with my hips or anything or anything that Sag has. But as for my rising sun, I have sprained my ankle a bunch of times and my eyesight is not the greatest. I am supposed to wear glasses, but I don’t all the time. As for my Cancer 6th house, I get really bad stomach aches.


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