Home Discussion Forum What is your opinion of Aleister Crowley?

What is your opinion of Aleister Crowley?

“Do What Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law”


  1. I like most of his philosophy on the Occult. I have read his book Moon Child. I liked it a lot. His method of writing has a different flavor than most.
    I agree completely with
    “Do What Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law”

  2. He was a well educated and well read man who got to heavily into drugs and a lot of other really self-destructive activities. I understand he loved his unofficial title as “The Evilest Man in the World”.
    He influenced a lot of people from Sybil Leek to Anton LeVey but ultimately destroyed himself from over indulgence and decadence.

  3. Much of his thinking is beyond me. Very deep and esoteric thinker. I can respect that. Great poetry. Lousy personal life. Made great contributions to modern occult thought. Would like to better understand him.

  4. Bit of a nut job. Really, the quote sounds very romantic, but when you think about it, it would be utter chaos and people would harm each other. I think he was missing a few crayons from the box.

  5. He was a junkie and a general liar who influenced weak-minded people at a time when the world was ripe for Satanism to really take off. It didn’t happen, and Crowley never ascended to the immortal he thought he’d become.
    In truth, I wish he writings were more interesting. I wish he had been more of what he claimed to be, if for no other reason than entertainment value. Alas, he was not what his legend says he was…

  6. He took too many drugs. And he was a sexist pig.
    I do like that quote though. It’s nice, though ultimately impractical.

  7. He was the greatest mountain climber of his generation and the greatest English poet of his entire opinion. Ripped off most of his material from Rabelais and Paschal Beverly Randolph. Had his material ripped off by Gerald Gardner and L Ron Hubbard, who in turn created the most Thelemic and least Thelemic religions of the 21st century, respectively. LaVey ripped him off, too, but LaVeyan Satanism never really amounted to anything.
    The entirety of the passage you’re quoting (it was originally from Rabelais) was “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will. Every man and every woman is a star”. Which is quite beautiful, if you think about it.

  8. A most interesting personality.
    I have had the pleasure of meeting him (now her) in “her” present incarnation a few years ago. I’m sure that she is going to do even more to help get humanity thinking instead of lying supine to self appointed “authorities”.
    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  9. Oh boy… The Beast. The Master Theron or “whatever”. I think he was the poster child for the Golden Dawn. I also think he wrote like 40 books filled with complete nonsense attempting to talk just above peoples intellect while tossing in a few rituals just to give the foolish people something to do after they bought his works. I back up this crass opinion with a paraphrased quote from the “Old Hag”.
    “Mankind is like a deck of cards. Anyone with a little practice can make them do whatever they will.”
    So let’s cut to the chase of old Mr. Crowley. The very best anyone could possibly achieve by following everything Crowley taught is to be exactly like him. He dies alone, broke, addicted to both Herion and Cocaine.
    Party on Dude.

  10. “Do What Thou Wilt” shall be the whole of the Law is a motto of Satanism. Satanism is all about fulfilling selfish desires…

  11. Crowley was fashionable occultist, though he did some good with his Golden Dawn, in that he insisted on initaitic experience to move members up the ranks, a good deal of his public persona was garbage aimed at getting publicity. As for his law, it is just another polemic on Jewish law. The whole of humanity abides by it blindly, and Satanists take it to heart to justify being self centered. Crowley did not create any of it, he just made a perverted version of occult science public. He introduced a rather interesting Tarot spread, but I could care less about his Book of Thoth Deck, it does not provide anything worth while or better that the Waite Rider deck.

  12. There is no problem w/ this when the Will has been purified and is aligned w/ the Higher Will. The problem comes when the little selfish wills are in force.
    Crowley was a a great magician who is an example of what happens when you do not have pure or selfless intentions in your magic. You cannot run that kind of energy through your bodies (mental, emotional and physical) w/o there being an effect. It tends to overstimulate the personality which inflates the ego. He had great potential but misused it and allowed his ego and desires to run amok.
    Although I have associated w/ pagans for many years now this is still my problem w/ many of their practices.


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