Home Discussion Forum What is your opinion of a PSYCHIC FAIR at a JEWISH TEMPLE?

What is your opinion of a PSYCHIC FAIR at a JEWISH TEMPLE?

Where I live in NY, a local temple is having a psychic fair:
Queens Psychic Club meeting
Presentation by Peter Victor, Hypnotherapist
April 7, 2010, Wednesday
7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Free Synagogue of Flushing
41-60 Kissena Blvd.
Renowned hypnotherapist Peter Victor will discuss past life regression, theory and group practice. Visit your own past lives of significant spiritual development. For more information visit www.queenspsychicclub.com or call 718-762-1448.
How do you feel about a House of Worship either hosting or renting to Psychics?


  1. Now a days anything goes it is all about money.
    They have been playing bingo in the chapel for years, the old days are gone.

  2. I would think Jews would wish that jesus would come back
    and clear out that place
    like he cleared the temple of money changers in Jerusalem .
    there is no joy in Mudville

  3. Utterly ridiculous & contemptible, they really should know better than to invite demonic rubbish into their synagogue or temple. What ever the fall out they better be ready for it.
    Ignorance is not bliss.
    Invite satan in & he will go on the rampage. This is occultic & hypnotherapy opens the door to clairvoyance & demonic powers. They should be very very very careful.
    I would cancel it if I were them.
    Renting to or hosting psychics is an abomination & jews should know this.
    Even king saul who made a right mess of things Knew that mediums were forbidden. 1 Sam 28:17-19 and look what happened when he consulted one.

  4. Since I am not Jewish, I don’t think my opinion bears much weight with the Jews at all,but here goes:
    This is exactly what God judged them for in times past and if you claim to serve the God of Israel,then it has no place in the house of worship because it is contradictory to Torah.


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