What is your opinion about reincarnation?

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I have this theory that when our souls are reincarnated, what we come back as depends on how our bodies are disposed of:
If the body is cremated…
the soul will become a creature of the air.
If the body is buried …
the soul will become a creature of land.
If the body is beneath the sea..
the soul will become a creature of the sea.

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Smooth Kitty AY AE

Well, considering i want to be tossed to Atlantic after cremation, i assume, i would become a part of some sea critter

^Mad^(thats my name, not a mood)

I think it just…happens
but that is a nice theroy 😀


What ? There is no soul

Dexter's 2nd Incarnation

What if it is sent into space?

Your Momma

I don’t really believe in reincarnation, but that is an interesting theory on the subject.


It is estimated that 23 percent of Americans think that reincarnation is possible. Many celebrities and prominent figures widely proclaim their belief in it. You will notice, though, that along with the belief in reincarnation come beliefs or practices in astrology, Eastern meditation and psychic issues.
Reincarnation means “to come again in the flesh.” Because of that interpretation, many reincarnation proponents claim that Jesus taught the doctrine to Nicodemus when Jesus told him that he must be born again. If you study the entire conversation, however, it is clear that Jesus did not refer to reincarnation nor did Nicodemus misunderstand Him. Read John 3. Another biblical doctrine misused to support the idea of reincarnation is Galatians 6:7b, which says, “A man reaps what he sows.” This is considered to be “Karma,” which is what determines the state of your next life. This is misapplied and is in direct conflict with Hebrews 9:27, which thoroughly refutes any possibility of reincarnation: “It is appointed unto man once to die and then comes the judgment.”
Once-that’s it, folks. You don’t get to keep trying to get it right. Luckily, all you need to do to get it right the first time is to surrender your life to Jesus Christ. Ask Him to forgive your sins and past unbelief, and then live your life for Him.

SuzyQ -- pray4revival

I – as a Christian – don’t believe in reincarnation, my friend……………
God Bless………………..


cool theory bro.
i always thought it would be cool to be reincarnated (although i know it would probably never happen, and if it did i wouldn’t know anyway.)


My opinion of reincarnation is it’s nothing more than wishful thinking; a way for people to comfort themselves from the finality of death.


The same genetic X is born again and again, the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The latter house will be greater than the former.


I believe humans return as humans regardless of how the body is disposed of.


Paul said this:
“I have hope in God, which they themselves (the Pharisees)also accept, that there will be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and the unjust. ‘
Acts 25:15
If all men are raised from the dead – in what body would they be raised if they lived multiple lives?
Jesus is the first fruits of those raised from the dead.
All mankind will follow. First the righteous – then the unrighteous.

上杉 謙信 越後の龍

I deserve to be reincarnated as a rock star. I’m super nice.

darwinsfriend3 AM

My opinion is that it doesn’t happen.

Joanna Eve :)

No, I disagree with your theory because I think that animals have different kinds of souls to humans and other animals: a being can only be reincarnated into a creature with the same kind of soul. So humans can only be reincarnated to humanoids and humans. In my opinion.


I hope it’s NOT true. I am tired of this planet.
Maybe I can go to a different one if I have to return.


it looks possible…but iunno


That is an awesome and beautiful theory which no doubt holds some truth, especially if it makes sense to not only your mind, but your soul. Perhaps you yourself feel like soaring like an eagle, or dream of being a mule, or find your freedom and peace while swimming. Having said this, there is a metaphysical rule, so to speak, that once a reincarnated human, always a reincarnated human. An animal can reincarnate into a human, whereas a human cannot reincarnate into in animal. I do strongly agree that we have animal archetpyes with whom we closely identify. It could be that your theory is actually your soul’s growth wanting you to tap into the spirit energy of your “creature”! If I were you,(if you aren’t doing these things already) I would pay close attention to any visceral responses you feel when you are with any sort of creatures, pay close attention to your dreams, and journal journal journal!
Blessings on your Path! 😉

The Living Anne

We are already each made up of air, earth, water, metal and fire. We are all little fragments of the cosmos, or, as Carl Sagan said, we are starstuff.
Humans return as humans to learn the lessons necessary to move on to the next level, which is – I hope – waaaay above the human animal.


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