Home Discussion Forum What is your morning ritual concerning prayers or meditation?

What is your morning ritual concerning prayers or meditation?

For those who do not pray or meditate how do you choose to symbolically start your day?


  1. I don’t tend to start my day, other people do.
    If it were down to me, i’d sleep for days at a time – kinda like some sort of slumbering shamanistic spirit or something.

  2. LOL I love the first answer, “I don’t start my day, other people do”. Classic.
    I am one of those who does pray…I wake to the alarm and press the nine minutes of snooze, then I lay there and pray until the buzzer goes again. Not any form of religious prayer, just “Good morning God, yes it’s Tuesday now and I have blah blah blah today and then blah blah tonight. I feel happy/nervous about it…”
    After getting up, (at nine minutes) and all the usual morning business of shower/clothes/breakfast I come back and sit on my bed and read Word For Today, opening my Bible to read the passage from my actual Bible and not just the sentence in the devotional. Then I pray about what I have read, usually only “thanks for that God…let’s do it” or something fifteen seconds long.
    Then I just get on with it!

  3. I recite the Great Shema, pray, then study the week’s Torah portion and the corresponding Haftarah portions. Depending on the day of the week, I will read a certain Rabbi’s commentary on the portion, i.e. Rashi, Rambam, Nachmanides, Eleazer, etc.

  4. I sometimes chant to christ within minutes of swinging my legs from the bed, especially if our aging dog has left me a ‘pressie’ on the floor.
    Then I’ll start the more important prayers…”Jesus Christ..WILL YOU GET UP, you’ll miss the school bus” That kind of thing.
    That’s about it really, me being an atheist.

  5. I usually start off with “Holy Jesus Christ, I forgot to set the automatic timer on the god damn coffee maker again!” Then after stepping on my daughter’s Barbie sports car I usually yell at the kids to “get the hell out of bed!”

  6. Strange though it may sound, for a man who is not bound to ritual, I too have a way of starting my day.
    I roll a cigarette and smoke it, as I go about drawing curtains and making coffee, the lesser details of a morning.
    It is the one thing that has remained with me through many years and many changes in my life.
    It is, for me, a comfortable habit, and as close as I come to a “starting the day ritual”.
    I had not thought of it that way, before.
    Thank you, you have shown me another way to see. I appreciate it.
    My world is that one piece larger, now, and that one piece more special.

  7. I really don’t say any form prayers, directly when I get up.but His there in my thought all the time. Sometimes I start my prayers while I’m getting ready to go to work and really pray when I’m in my car going to work. Then I’m by myself and alone and quiet. no one to talk to me and bother me with questions while I’m praying. And a lot of the time I go to church before I go to work and that’s the most important thing I do for the day. Jesus is with me. During the day I have a running conversation with God and believe me sometimes I forget I’m around people and am talking to Him. Boy, do they look at me funny. I kind of get a laugh over it. Padded cell time don’t you think. Not that I’m that holy mind you, but He’s always there in my mind. even when I’m on here and read some of these questions and answers I say Oh, God this person really needs prayers, or God help enlighten this person. I even pray when I’m answering these questions, Please God let my answer sound intelligent. I have a fear of sounding stupid at times. So you see He’s always there, behind me, in front of me, beside me and above me. And I always pray for perseverance. God Bless you.
    Edit: What did I say in my answer that required a thumbs down. Not that I mind you can give me a thumbs down anytime I guess but what was wrong about telling how I pray and when I pray Just curious.

  8. When I wake up I consider my day, and then play with my dogs and jump out of bed. I focus on gratitude for this amazing life here on earth.
    Maybe I think of the journey of water and again go to many places that I would never have thought of if water had not inspired me to travel there with it. There are other things that take me on other trips.
    And other issues. Then the day is ready to climb into.


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