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What Is Your Idea Of Enlightenment?

Reaching Enlightenment or being awakened is the goal of many people throughout the world. But what is this awakening, in your opinion?
The two biggest influences in my life is Zen and Existentialism. Through this, my idea of enlightenment is reaching the point in your life in which you were tabula rasa. Otherwise known as birth. The moment you were born you weren’t tainted by the influences of others and your environment mentally. Attaining enlightenment in my eyes is quite simple returning to ones original nature… nothing.


  1. Continously experiencing reality directly, freedom from concepts and finally being able to “see” things as they are.
    Peace and love 🙂

  2. An enlightenment or awakening is a service. It is a lot like the phone service. Each person is going to have different experiences w/ the same company and many will like them and many will dislike them. Some just get the basic service w/ no bells and whistles, some the works. Some can’t afford a phone service and are probably a lot better off. Then there are those who sign up for contracts

  3. the realization, that being placed within myself to live my life… proves to me that there is no limit or bounds regardless of various laws I must abide by. That the connection of eternity can only be everything I am and more
    in my eyes only nothing is never and without a place to hold. For me, enlightenment is God. God, as the nature and beyond…. and in death we may very well lose that which we recognize, but that does not negate the fact that there is still something


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