what is your idea about shaman? how can i find a real shaman?







  1. Shamans are also known as witch doctors. They prefer to use herbs and magic to heal and cure.
    They might’ve been great back in the day when there was no real medicine or doctors, but nowadays, they’re just dangerous.
    If there’s something wrong, see a real doctor. You know, one who’s been to school for 7 to 8 years. Not some crazy kook who sits around chanting and mixing up potions.

  2. A shaman is someone who has been called by the spirits or Gods of his or her particular path to devote his or her life to spiritual service to the spirits, the Gods, and to his or her community (I’m just going to say “her” from here on out, but shamans can be either gender). Their service includes workings such as taking out of body journeys into other worlds in order to gather information or do healing work or some other type of magic for themselves or other people. They also do soul healings, healing with herbs and other remedies, and spiritual counseling. They are basically servants to their Gods or spirits and to the community.
    A shaman is chosen for this work by the spirits or the Gods she works for or with. She doesn’t get to chose. She’s tapped by the Gods or spirits to be a shaman and do this work. You have some people who can be shamanic practicioners….meaning they incorporate shamanlike practices in their worship…but they aren’t true shamans. True shamanism is involuntary and it’s humility at it’s finest since it is a life of servitude. You can read more information about classical shamanism and the differences between shamans and shamanic practicioners here: http://www.cauldronfarm.com/writing/shaman_compare.html
    As for how to find one, well that isn’t easy. Being a shaman requires a degree of humility so most are not going to make it known that they are shamans. And if you do find one, depending on what you need their help for, they may or may not help you unless pushed by the Gods or spirits to do so.

  3. Shamanism is no different than Catholic, Christian, Muslim, etc.
    The religion itself works, but you have to be open minded about it. I’m from a shamanism background and i find the practices reasonable. Shamanism varies among different ethnic group. Shaman, the witch-doctor, have the ability to do alot of things and some have the ability to only do specific thing. Some shaman are just cons but there are some out there who are real. There’s really no reason to doubt their ability.
    The rituals work for some people & doesn’t work for others. You can’t expect to be healed fully from it, but in certain cases.. it does happen.
    As to where can you find one… what is the specific background of the shaman you want to find?

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