Home Discussion Forum what is your favourite Cradle of Filth album and why?

what is your favourite Cradle of Filth album and why?

Just wondering here. I have 4 albums:
Midian (pretty poor sound quality, sounds like in some songs they just went for sheer aggression and stuff and did it badly)
Bitter Suites to Succubi (much better, quite haunting, I quite like this album)
Damnation and a Day (love it from track 2/3 onwards, but after song 7 it does on the whole start to get a little worse)
and Nymphetamine (superb, loved the fix version of that song, IMMENSE, very different, melodic and tuneful).
I was wondering what people felt were their favourite two albums? Please give reasons as I’ll probably buy the one most people say is good (or more perhaps), and what you liked about it (aka, sheer aggression, noise, melody, style, e.t.c).


  1. None of them because they are BAD!!! I mean they are really rubbish!!! I have listened to lots of heavy metal in my time and my partner is a music journalist for metal magazines and has to keep an open mind and even he says they are a terrible band!!

  2. the best album is principle of evil made flesh ive got all the albums and am going to see them again next friday in wolverhampton

  3. Hmm… hard for me to choose seeing as I simply love them all! I guess I would have to say ‘Nymphetamine’. It’s just a brilliant album, and yes, I agree the ‘Fix’ version of the song is an absolute masterpeice (esp. as it features Liv Kristine who used to front for another of my fave. bands, Theatre of Tragedy) and I also love the songs ‘Absinthe with Faust’ and ‘English Fire’.
    I like Midian very much as well, though. It would definately come second, because I think there’s just a great feel to the whole album.
    Well, all the best.

  4. i cant member the album name but i fucking love cradle to enslave
    all the ppl whosay this band sucks u should get a life 😀
    i luv them


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