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What is your favorite tool for scrying and what rituals do you use to ready yourself?

Since my archives are not overloaded with the tools and rituals as used by every day people, every day–as opposed to commercial Authors’ scrying directions– I will probably add some of the answers to the Archives unless I’m ask to not do so.
Librarian and Elder of The Lore.


  1. I pray for Protection, Guidance, and Healing and I ask the Higher Power to reveal what I need to know, and the best tools to use, in order to help the person asking me for help. The tools may vary; they help me to concentrate, focus, and stay still. Blessings.

  2. No rituals but my grandmother said to ask your question this way.
    In God’s name (then your question).
    She is the one who started teaching me.

  3. i dont do scryin at all. i believe only in Jesus ,pray to him &offer praises to Him. some people use tools like water, crystal ball, tea leaves, tarot cards etc for scryin whereas i dont . i only sing&praise &pray to Jesus. no rituals for me .

  4. I use tarot cards mostly and ask my spirit guide for the information needed to help the person who is inquiring…

  5. i usually sit quietly for a few mintues to clear my mind, and then if i have an object associated with a location then i’ll sit concentrating on that for a while longer to familiarise myself with it. like the texture, the colour, the smallest scratches and blimps on it and the vibes it gives off. then i usually use my dogtags which are pure silver. the smallest one i’ll attatch to the clip and the other i’ll hold in my hand. then while holding my chain and the object i’ll start scrying like other people would. and feel free to add this to the archives if you want.
    Blessed be
    Librarian And Elder Of The Lore

  6. i’ve used 3 different methods on different occasions.
    one was with a pendulum with a quarz finger that i used to see if i was in the right direction, almost like the “hot cold” game kids play. in preparation for this i just closed my eyes and asked the guides to help me find the object.
    the other was by using my rattle, and letting the rattle spirit lead me to the object.
    in the third i sat and found the object in my imagination by concentrating on it… after i located it on an energetic level i went and found it on the physical level. i use this also for energy healing work when i find the imbalance in the energy field and then send the healing energies etc to work on it.

  7. I have a scrying mirror. I can’t keep my eyes off of it some days and it just is the neatest most calming thing!

  8. I have only had luck with a crystal ball but I have tried with a mirror a bowl of water and a candle flame, i DRINK MUGWORT TEA AND SIT QUIETLY UNTIL THE PICTURES COME TO ME

  9. ~* I drink Mugwort and Damina tea…i meditate and use a scrying bowl and a crystal….I have had a few successes not always though.

  10. I love and practice divination…tarot, dowsing, bibliomancy. However, I have had absolutely no success whatsoever with scrying. I have tried crystal balls, mirrors, water, you name it. I get absolutely nada.


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