Home Discussion Forum What is your favorite Tarot Card Deck?

What is your favorite Tarot Card Deck?

what is your favorite deck to use and why?


  1. The Tarot of the Old Path.
    It’s a Wicca Tarot deck, although I’m not a wicca follower I love the imagery.
    I think thats the important factor when choosing your deck.
    You need to go with the one that feels right for you.
    I like that the Tarot of the Old Path has “Temptation” instead of “The Devil”, “The Guide” instead of “Temperance”, “The Close” instead of “Death” and “Karma” instead of “Judgement”.
    It’s a little less Christian in it’s symbology although The Lovers, which is probably the best I’ve seen, has more of an Adam and Eve theme than most other decks.
    However it doesn’t have the serpent as you would see in the Rider-Waite-Smith Lovers
    The more you look at the imagery, learn the story and origins behind each picture, understand the numerology in numbering of the cards etc the more critically you can look at Tarot decks and the more you can divine when using them.

  2. Diary of a broken soul tarot.
    The deck describes a journey of self discovery by the artist of her experiences in her 3 years of working on this project.
    In addition, there are slots and holds on the sides of the cards which could allow a 3 dimensional feel to the interplay of the cards adding a new level or dimension to tarot reading.

  3. I go through phases. right now I’m reading a lot with the Hanson Roberts Tarot, but have about 30 decks that all seem perfect at some time. The Hanson Roberts is great right now because it is traditional enough, yet whimsical and colorful enough to keep my mood good even in the dark months of winter. I just did a blog post about cheerful decks for the winter months, and this was one of the ones I featured. Here’s the article with some other cheerful decks featured in it for you:

  4. The one I made myself long ago but no longer have it. Good idea, make another one! I have three decks and love Rider Waite. Its traditional but I’m traditional…


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