What is your favorite paranormal / sci fi / fantasy creature?





I happen to really like Succubi. I’ve been reading Richelle Mead’s Succubus series and have started doing some research on the mythology.
Which is your favorite? Why? And what is a fun fact or piece of info about the mythology? Such as Succubi are believed to be the children of Lilith who is also consider Inanna’s handmaiden.


  1. For the most part, I’m not interested in any paranormal, sci-fi, or fantasy creature in fiction. No problem with those who do; it’s just not my thing.
    But I’ll make an exception for George R.R. Martin’s wights.

  2. Oh goodness it’s really hard to choose. I’d have to say that my most recent discoveries, the Seelie and Unseelie Courts, are my favorites. I’m having an awesome time researching and learning all about them. That along with some Celt folklore.
    Edit: I just noticed the second part of your question. I got all excited about telling you my favorite that I didn’t go into much detail!
    Seelie Court — made up of the most beautiful, talented, and overall pure-blood fey. The picture-esque view of the fairy. Everything people imagine the fey to be: elegant, unearthly beauty and grace. High-society types. Personified as the Light.
    Unseelie Court — the broader of the two. Houses the oddities of the otherworldly realm. More hospitable to non-fey creatures. Queen of Air and Darkness is the ruler. Personified as the Dark.
    Both are matriarchal monarchies, which is also awesome.

  3. vampires and dragons.
    Maybe someday someone will write about a dragon that’s a vampire. How’s that for Original.
    Vamps appeal to the darker side of me. While dragons appeal to the side that embraces fantasy. I wanna be a dragonrider!

  4. Vampires or unicorns…I can’t decide! 😀
    vampires are known across the world and in so many different cultures & have been talked & written about for hundreds of years.
    Unicorns are just beautiful- magical horses what could be cuter? 😀

  5. the only thing funnier than your knowledge of what science fiction is, is your invented knowledge of mythology. The only people “believing” that are people that read his stories, as he has just randomly plugged in actual mythic beings into it.

  6. I like reading about non-traditional aliens. You know, aliens other than those who want to kill everyone and/or destroy/take over Earth, their own planet or wherever. .

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