Home Discussion Forum What is your favorite music for meditation?

What is your favorite music for meditation?

Is it a CD, did you download it? What is the name of the artist? What type of instruments are used?


  1. Enya plays lovely music.
    She’s what I listen to when I want to take a break from Top 40 stations.

  2. I enjoy listening to Roman Catholic liturgical music, especially Gregorian Chant. You can find it on Youtube; search Gregorian Chant Benedictinos.

  3. The best music is the internal music, it will fill you with ecstasy. No CD is necessary, it’s already built in, it plays 24 hrs a day, it’s free, it’s never the same and we have our own special listening device given to us upon birth. The iPod is no match. It is referred to the anahata nada, or unstruck sound. That’s my favorite and the only one I’ll listen to.

  4. http://www.freemeditation.ca/music/
    there’s actually a poll on this page at the moment asking the same question. Most people say Indian classical music. Instruments like the sarod, sitar, bamboo flute….
    Personally i don’t think it matters what the music type is or what instrument is used- i think it’s all in the skill and state of mind of the musician as well as your own mood.


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