What is your favorite fictional book involving time travel?

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The theme of time travel is a favorite of mine. A non-fiction book involving actual time travel would be fantastic, but I have yet to see a true one. =)

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a wrinkle in time

Miss Clyde

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells


The only one I can think of that I’ve read is ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’. Which was okay, but definitely too dragged out.


“Time Storm” by Gordon R. Dickson
Mark Despard, Porniarsk the avatar…
This was the first time travel book I ever read and it made me a fan of time travel and end of the world fiction because this is both. It was published in 1977 and I found it in a used book store in ’86 when I was 15.
Moving time lines have devastated the Earth – literally lines of dusty, foggy haze that move along and stop only if they come into contact with other lines. Going through them is a crap shoot because you never know what, or when, is on the other side. Dinosaurs, trigger happy cowboys and Indians, an ancient ocean where Kansas is supposed to be, cavemen or people from the future.
It’s been a couple of years since I last read it, but since it’s downstairs on the bookshelf I think I’ll read it again.

Kim G

The Time Traveler’s Wife


I have two-
In the realm of classic, older literature I adore The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. Fantastic read and so ahead of his time in his thinking!
As for a children’s novel, but one that always stands out in my heart and mind would be Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time and its subsequent sequels. They captivated me as a child, almost as much as Narnia and Tolkien’s Middle Earth.
BTW, C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series have a bit of time travel to them, the children are always traveling to the future of Narnia and then back to their own world right where they left off. Kind of a novel idea, if somewhat subtle.
Good luck and happy reading!


Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde, or really any of the books in the Thursday Next series.


If you are young – Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain
If you are an adult – Legend by Jude Deveraux, Judith McNaught also has written some time travel, and Constance O’Day-Flannery writes mostly time travel


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