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What is your experience of telepathy?


  1. Telepathy… or perhaps a sort of unseen and misunderstood connectivity between people above and beyond the spoken word does have some evidence to support it. personally, I find it wholly probable that some people are able to think in tandem with others. My guess is that it has to do with folks being on a similar wavelength… a linear likeness that allows them to make contact, often subconsciously.
    It also appears to be something that, like physical development, requires exercise to enhance any further than a basic level of usefulness.

  2. When I was a child i use to be able to do telepathy I think..
    I use to be able to ask some people for a number between 1 and 100 and quite often I would get it right. the same with colors.
    However I Notice that it didn’t work with everyone. It work well with some friends and my mother.
    Was my mother telling me the truth on my right answer.. humm I think so.. it use to keep me busy for many evenings..

  3. I had an experience on this.
    I add later…
    I’m now 48 years “young” . This telepathy experience happened in about 25 years ago, while I was about 2,000 km in another provincial island away from my hometown.
    At around 10:00 pm, while I was riding on my racer bicycle, I thought of my parents, my brothers and sisters at home.
    I imagined that they were gathered around in a bench for just a simple conversation about the family members.
    Later in about 15 min to almost 30 min, while I was still on my trip with my bike, I noticed that the steering handle of my bike vibrate which was unlikely to happen in a cemented highway which is practically with similar surface conditions.
    While holding the steering handle firmly to avoid a bike crash, I thought of what my family members were talking. Later a got a bike crash on the street which lead me to a hospital for 15 days confinement.
    After a month of recovery I returned to my hometown and told the story to my family and verified that instance whether they were outside the house at around 10:00 -11:00 pm that night, and they were talking about me. And they were.
    This shows that I was able to gather my parents and some of my family members together while I was about 2,000 km away in two separate big islands (Cebu and Mindanao) in the Philippines.
    Their talking also reciprocated to me as manifisted by the vibration of the stirring handle of my bike.
    I had some previous experience when I was a student in college days, about doing some concentration and doing mental communication with my teachers during examinations and it’s true I got their point of views in my answer that they don’t expect such an answer.
    I had also another experience in concentrating something to be broken. This happened when I was about 8 years old when my brother and I were on the bush to get some bamboo tube to be used in making a toy water gun. In the bamboo bush I found a good looking nice shaped bamboo and my bigger brother made a situation to quarrel me because he was very much interested with the one I found. So I said it’s mine , it’s mine…. I found it first.
    Since he was older and bigger than me, I had no choice, but to give-in. While I was angry I said to him, I will concentrate that the bamboo will be broken by the time you strike the knife in cutting it. So it did…. Both of us were not able to get that nice looking bamboo…..
    Maybe telepathy and concentration go together.
    Sorry for the wrong grammar… I’m sleepy its almost 12:00 midnight here…

  4. Many people insist they can do it.Not one of them has ever demonstrated the ability.Still many people believe it’s possible.Study both sides and decide for yourself.

  5. reletivly easy to turn on…
    Quite hard to turn off.
    It works best for me on infants of 6 months to 2 years.
    They adore and trust me.
    I a stranger can lull them to sleep, and remove all ambient noise from them as they continue to sleep.
    I can get them to laugh at simple televised jokes.
    Adults are often too afraid to listen, they try to tune me out,
    but they will still fix their hair if I send that it is messed up.
    I can usually get someone’s hand to itch so that they will end up scratching it. I can put thoughts into their minds, these tend to lean them slightly in their thinking.
    At a fruit stand I bought a small bag of peaches for 9 bucks, all of the money I had… while walking to the car the owner ofthe stand walked past two full crates of peaches that were justmarginally to soft to sell. I suggested to
    his mind he give them to me rather than throw them away…
    He not only insisted I have them, he loaded them into my car for me. as I left he was so happy I had them rather than the dumpster.
    The peach cobbler was delicious, as were the peaches and cream. I sent him happiness for several days as thanks for listening to a whisper in his mind.

  6. we all do it all the time.
    of course, we focus on ‘words’ or sentences or phrases or entire novels, but it really doesn’t work like that.
    until it’ll be classified as ‘scientific’ fact, we can only talk nonsense about it or share stories – i just went to open the door and my guest was there but did not ring the bell, i picked up the phone and someone just rang a second later, i knew my brother was ill, my mom happy etc. aso. asf.

  7. There has been no evidence or reason to indicate telepathy works or is capable of working. The main problem is that our thoughts are wholly contained within our brains. Contrary to what some of the New Age true believers think, our brains are not radio transmitters. They do not broadcast our thoughts into the world around us. Also, there is nothing to indicate we or our thoughts occupy any sort of alternative “plane” or “dimension” that would allow our thoughts to be sent to or received by other brains.
    It appears most of the telepathy true believers start with the assumption it exists–because anecdotal coincidence has “proved” to them the existence of telepathy–and then make up all sorts of wacky rules and explanations do describe what it is and how it exists. None of these explanations have gone any further than the theoretical “what if” stage because *none of these hypotheses can be tested*.

  8. I have telepathy, but for me, it comes along with my empathy. So for me… I feel other people’s emotions for the most part, I feel what they feel, and the closer I am to them, the more I feel it. If something’s wrong with someone I care about, I’ll feel it, even if I haven’t had contact with them in a while. I sponge other people’s emotions, will often find myself switching between emotions without realizing it.
    And telepathy comes along with this. It’s an odd thought in my mind; the thing is, it doesn’t sound any different than my own voice, so it can be hard to tell. But it’s usually sudden and it’s usually an odd thought, meaning it doesn’t go along with anything I’ve been actively thinking.

  9. my mum and i always pick stuff up from each other. for example sometimes i know exactly what she is thinking or she knows what i am thinking. there was even an incident when i was 6 yrs old. around 9 in the morning.. i was asleep.. my mum was drinking tea in the garden downstairs..he began to get these insights.. answers to questions she has always had… she was amazed upon receiving them. after finishing her tea, she came up to wake me up. she held me in her arms ( i was in a half awake, half asleep state ) suddenly… the insights continued coming out of my mouth!!

  10. I have discovered I could do this quite by accident. I began to study how to develop your psychic powers and partake in meditation. I have had many a moment where my thoughts would jump into my friends and family head and they would comment on what they thought I just said..It was very weird at first..everyone thought for sure I said it and I swear to them that I only thought it. Then it started to happen with total strangers only I would get their thoughts or questions jumping into my head and I would answer them just as if I heard them speak it…this caused many a stranger to give me the strangest look. So as I discovered I can transfer my thoughts to others and also I can receive other thoughts….I do not try to do this, it just happens and have proved this to my family on many a occasion.

  11. to Tonic Black…..that’s what I’ve been trying to tell others on here. It’s that people can put thoughts in your head and make you think it’s their thoughts or the thoughts of a spirit or even Jesus. Thank you for telling what you did.

  12. My partner and I have been Telepathically communicating with each other since the day we met (8yrs ago). It’s good at times, but…let’s just say that each time I cheated on him, he knew exactly who it was, where it happened and how it went (and it ended up really spicing up our sex life)!
    *Nothing’s kept secret between two psychics in love.


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