Home Discussion Forum What is your estimate for our global, collective level of consciousness?

What is your estimate for our global, collective level of consciousness?

I met David Hawkins in Sedona last September and at that time, he calibrated our collective level of consciousness (of all humanity) hovering at an energy level of 200. In his book, “Power vs Force”, to calibrate at 200 is the critical line which distinguishes positive from negative. At 200, we as a global community are courageous, willing to learn, wiling to take ownership of our actions. To use a familiar term, we are “diamonds in the rough”.
While you may not have read any of Dr. Hawkins books, or you might not be inclined to agree with his findings, where do you see us now and the world we create? Are we becoming aware, loving individuals in a world evolving in tandem with our “best”? Are we at a mentally evolved level similar to that of a two year old – the age of autonomy – one in which the universe revolves around us? Or are we somewhere in between?
I invite your thoughts. I encourage you to be as creative as you wish and most especially to speak your truth.
This is a Real Question and all Real Answers are warmly invited.
~Please do not ‘answer’ with only a question~ If you must ask then you really do not have any answer to offer.


  1. Is this a metaphorical consciousness created by media, politics and currents of thought, or is it an actual shared connection comprised of all the people on the planet? Because I’ve never heard a good explanation for the latter.

  2. I’m not familiar with David Hawkins’ books or the term “collective level of consciousness.” I do believe all the countries of our world have the attitude of a two year old child. Look at Israel, Cuba, Iran, India, Mexico…….. It’s always about me… my people… to heck with the rest of the world. I live in the USA and we Americans most certainly believe the universe revolves around us. We demand that our needs be met. We demand that other nations defer to our wishes. I’m proud to be an American but I know our arrogance infuriates other nations.
    The truth as I understand it: This global, collective level of consciousness theory sounds too much like a teacher averaging test scores then giving the whole class the exact same grade. Individuals can be fabulous diamonds or dirty lumps of coal. I want my own grade! I’m a bright shiny diamond!

  3. Let’s pepper that “consciousness” with selfishness and there you have it. Collectively speaking our world is mainly populated with people absorbed in their own self interests. So no, I would not say “two year old”. I would say somewhere around bratty teen.

  4. I have been puzzling over this question since you asked it. I have gone back and forth and back and forth. I had never heard of Dr. Hawkins, but I am going to investigate him.
    It’s so hard right now where I live in the US. Everything is about the war, or about the people who have their hats in the ring for next year’s elections. I see so much pettiness and hatred and unkindness, and it’s hard for me, because I have decided for myself to try and live a better life, and become the person I want to be.
    And yet, in the seeming darkness, I see so many tiny flickering flames. I have had the pleasure of meeting people on this site alone who are such good people, who, even through this difficult medium of communication, have managed to touch me with their goodness and kindness and generosity of spirit. And I consider my friends in real life, and I see how they, too, are now better people than they were when we first became friends–they are growing in a beautiful way. So much of the foolishness we exhibited, all of us, when we were younger, has fallen away. Part of it is age, but we aren’t exactly “aging”, we still act like kids sometimes. It’s just that, for lack of a better word, we are growing somehow better.
    I cannot judge for the whole world, but I can judge for places I have visited. I have been privileged to travel to many places, and I have often reflected that those who are poorest in possessions are richest in spirit. I have wondered if part of their ability not to think the world revolves around them has to do with the fact that they aren’t bogged down by so many material things. I have had people who literally have nothing offer me the most generous kindnesses for no other reason but the fact that that’s what they have to give. And I have feared for my own culture, because it is so materialistic, and sometimes so shallow. Until your question made me pause, and really think about things.
    I think we are somewhere in between, but very, very close to where Dr. Hawkins places us. Since he knows what he is doing, and I do not, I cannot judge how far off we are, but I think we are very close. And that gives me hope. Great hope.
    Thank you so much for sharing this concept and idea with me. It’s good to know that maybe those tiny flames are beginning to join up, and that someday they may make a great and brilliant light.

  5. I have lived through fifty years of the prior millenium and into the next one. The journey has been traumatic but I endure. I have hope but changes must be made before the children lose tomorrow because of their ancestors excesses. My ancestors have taught me and I teach as many children as I may. Abuse must stop. Governments sanction it and steal parents for their wars. Suffer the children? Indeed! Beware.

  6. Well, I think President Bush is an evolving 2 yr old and I think our news media in this country (the U.S.) feeds upon the negative and certainly is ramming THE WAR and places like Iraq and Iran and the middle east down our throats. I am angry at our level of ignorance on all levels from science, to medicine, to global issues, to the safety of our children and the health and welfare of our aging and poor.
    BUT, outside of what is broadcast to us in a never ending stream of pathos and destruction, sensationalism and contrived manipulated news stories, there is a world of individuals all over this planet who are living their lives peacefully, kindly and intelligently and spiritually. They are raising their kids, contributing to their communities, working their butts off, they laugh, they build, they act responsibly and with great concern to their fellow man.
    I really believe that as a planet we are evolving toward something far greater than what we are seeing in our newspapers and news medias. We are, most probably, going to have to live in a world where the terrible 2 yr olds throw tantrums and the little shithead teenagers create havoc, but I scarcely believe for a moment, that our world is caving and that we’re headed towards hell in a handbasket. I believe we’ll always have to cope with these things. But in my opinion, there is great hope for us.
    We are teaching ourselves so many things and I believe we’re learning. Change is taking place, maybe not as fast as we’d all like but it is happening. And believe it or not I do still have confidence in us as a people.
    As a people, we are becoming more aware of ourselves as a planet.
    As governments, well, we’re still pretty stupid. But like I said, change takes time.

  7. Intelligent people like David Hawkins unfortunately do not reproduce prodigiously. The uneducated and unmotivated seem to have no trouble making babies. In America, upper and middle income couples limit themselves to one or two kids. They are heavily taxed to support the hoards of babies coming out of the welfare crowd. If the above is true, it stands to reason that the collective intelligence and I suspect goodness of the population is going down. Further in places like sub Sahara Africa western governments and Christian groups are feeding people who seem to be incapable of doing anything except making babies. If a wave hits Indonesia the much maligned American military is there with food, medicine, blankets etc. The Indonesian government won’t allow our troops in, they must stay on the ships. When some degenerate rapes and murders we are told that he had an awful childhood. He was beaten, molested etc. What is not considered is that he may have inherited these terrible traits. Now do not misunderstand. I am not advocating letting people starve. I am only pointing out the deliterious effects of our relatively new found compassion. Humanity is not evolving into a more peaceful future as the writers of Startrek seem to think. If you can understand David Hawkins books I suspect you will not produce many offspring.


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