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What is your definition of Shaman?


  1. It’s an earth based faith. That for some reason I associate with you even though you are into Wicca. I don’t do so as an insult or anything. It’s more like meeting someone named Rick and thinking their name is Bob and even when corrected you still think of them as Bob and you hate yourself for it but Rick is still Bob to you, even though truth is Bob is Rick….I need a nap..
    My only experience with the Shaman faith was when I had persistent dreams of a room under a giant twin oak tree that was beside my Fathers house. Any time I was dreaming I could just stop things and go to this room and reorganize things then go back into the dream. I used it as an editing room maybe? A friend had a Shaman friend who was kind enough to call and tell me it was a Shaman concept even though it was like the “Astral Temple” it was underground putting me in Shaman territory. He told me that the Shaman can travel underground like this to any place they wish to go.
    There’s much more about the Shaman tradition I don’t know about, but that’s my experience so far.
    ♥Blessed Be♥

  2. Someone whom has had a deep Mystical experience. He or she does not pick this path, this path picks them. You may want to read the book “Black Elk Speaks”,.

  3. a shaman is a person who goes inside someones body to diagnose illness and help with soul retrieval and healing by crossing over to the astral and using his own and his patients guides for ancient knowledge and healing solutions.

  4. I vaguely remember it being a vision see-er to find out problems in your life or they tell you things you need to do to get over things that are blocking you from living.

  5. From my understanding, Shaman is not the term used by “Native Americans”, but actually a term more used by the northern religions of old. Shamans are rooted in nature and usually have had near death experiences which have brought them certain gifts necessary in their work. I know there is so much more to it, but space is limited here.


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