What is your definition of "occult"? What do you think of the occult in life?





I’d just like to hear what everyone’s thoughts are about the “occult” (witchcraft, or whatever you consider this to be).


  1. “Occult” adj (fm L “occultus”, pp of “occulere” = “to cover up”) not revealed, secret; used with “the” matters regarded as involving the action of supernatural agencies or some secret knowledge of them. Sometimes I truly miss the days when people understood the concept of established lexicography.
    I generally regard supposedly “supernatural” phenomena as just being things we cannot yet explain, and “magic” as science or technology we do not yet understand.

  2. Occultation is where something is hidden from sight, for instance in an eclipse. So by extension,, the definition of the Occult would be something that is hidden or not seen clearly. Most seem to think it is all evil…maybe some of it is but maybe too there are things we simply don’t understand the meaning of yet, hidden to our personal knowledge.

  3. I would tread quietly and respectively around people that have beliefs in the occult and things I know nothing about. I know nothing about the occult,but, some are very knowledgeable on the subject. I don’t like it when someone mocks my beliefs, so, I would never mock theirs. I think it is interesting..(movies and books)..I would think to actually talk with someone that had a core belief in the occult would be fascinating….and maybe a little scary too!!

  4. look people have the right to believe whatever they want-not every ones truth is a reality to anyone else but them

  5. the normal functioning of the universe is the common place
    atoms do what atoms mostly do
    BUT with quantum partials there is a leap into the
    what do i think about such leaps?
    it’s just a “thang”

  6. Occult is a pejorative of mystical experiences, because many commonplace mystical experiences are of a shoddy and carnival-like aspect, such as seeing ghosts, zombies, magic etc…

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