What is your definition of magick?

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I prefer Crowley’s definition myself: The Art and Science of causing change to occur in conformity with Will.
Interested in hearing what you have to say.

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science that hasn’t been explained yet.


The ability to fool others into thinking they have just seen what is impossible to do.

jonjon v2.0 (censored)

Crowley’s definition pretty much covers everything one does intentionally – which was his point. I think he also quoted Frazer to the effect that “Science is successful magic.” That is, the successes of science represent the ways in which mankind has been able to impose his will on his environment. Technically, “Magick” deals in forces that haven’t yet been identified by “profane” science – or so goes the yarn.


Something done of an unknown method, unknown to man, it maybe repeatable by other methods, but the original method being different.


The accumulation and direction of one’s own energy. Personally I feel Crowley’s definition is lacking when it comes to how it works.


Merry Meet!
Magick comes through you, and others, When, and Where It Wills-

Barry D

‘The art of causing changes in Consciousness according to Will’ (Dion Fortune)
or (my own attempt)
‘Finding the place Inside where all the stories are true’


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