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What is your astrology sign and rising sign?

Also, please describe your personality. I am doing a study and I am trying to find out if Astrology is true or not.


  1. My Rising Sign is Taurus. My sun is Aquarius. I am a very different person. I have never met someone like me and I’m glad. When I’m having a good day, I am positive and forward thinking. On a bad day I am depressed and need attention, but I won’t admit it. I usually listen to others and I find it lonely because no one seems to care to listen back. I love me friends and I stand up for them much more than I stand up for myself. My beliefs are important and they usually don’t change, but I love to hear others. People who are closed minded and inconsiderate of others make me extremely angry, also people who are posers and copy me. I’m interested in astrology and new age things very greatly. I enjoy vintage things more than technology (unlike the usual Aqua). I think astrology is true though. Hope this helped.

  2. i am sagittarius sun with capricorn rising.. i think i got all the best from these two signs that made a great combo… So from sag i think i took the love for traveling, i am optimistic even in the worst times in my life and i love freedom.tho when i love someone i dedicate myself totaly to the person and can do just anything for love. i am friendly, farseeing, honest and loyal. i often daydream and imagine things way before something happens, and often things don’t happen as i wished they will. As from capricron i think i took characteristics like organization, being pracitical, responsible, desciplined.
    I am kind of sagittarius who is down to earth because of capricorn, i am not that much crazy and i avoid places that might hurt me or feel not in my plate…
    good luck with the report

  3. I am born November 23rd at 4am. I have found the “cusp’ of saggitarius and scorpio to have characteristics of both signs. My rising sing is Libra.
    My personality is very moody, which is typical of the 1st decanate of Saggitarious. Libra rising gave me poise when dealing with first impressions

  4. I am Taurus Sun with Gemini Rising.
    I am very much like all Taureans – helpful, caring, possessive, jealous, stubborn, artistic, trustworthy. But like a gemini, it’s hard for me to settle down. My sun wants to settle, but my rising won’t settle for someone who is not on the same page. I can be rather talkative at times and amazingly enough can break out of my routines here and there, but when I do the result is drastic.

  5. Sun: Aquarius
    Moon: Capricorn
    Ascendant: Cancer
    Since my ascendant is Cancer, supposedly I was a Cancer in my past life and thus early on in my life I resembled more Cancer behaviors and tendencies. As I grow older I’m supposed to learn and become more like my sun sign and eventually learn the life lesson Aquarius has to teach me.
    When I was younger I was very thin-skinned, sarcasm was a stranger to me, I let my emotions show quite often, and I preferred the comforts and security of home, family, and sameness. Essentially I still had a lot of influence left from my past Cancer life. In a lot of ways though I was different and had seeds of the typical Aquarius personality (such as liberal ideals concerning equality, tolerance, and such). I also had beliefs that were off beat and I can now recognize that those “weird/different beliefs” and higher intelligence seemed threatening to my peers.
    As I grew older I learned to recognize my own potential and learned the joys of caustic humor, developed a thicker skin, and I don’t let my emotions anywhere near my sleeve. I learned the value of being a lone wolf and stopped wishing to be a part of a group that had teased and tormented me ever since they met me. I became more vocal about my beliefs and decided sticking to my own drummer was best. I still have to learn to be less of a homebody, and get over the annoying tendency to be overly sentimental at times. Also I need to learn to be more honest about myself with others instead of hiding behind the hard shell of the crab of Cancer.
    That’s what astrology is “supposed” to help encourage–personal growth and development and help your soul become the best person you can be. We have to “grow into” our sun signs and learn the lessons and eventually move on to the next lesson with your next life. If you fail to learn the lesson you’ll have to repeat the sun sign until you do.
    ~Zach Simmers

  6. Sun: Leo 1 degree
    Moon: Aries 13 degrees
    Rising: Picses 7 degrees
    Venus: Virgo 0.12 degrees
    Mars: Leo 23 degrees
    Mercury: Leo 7 degrees
    MidHeaven: Sagittarius 19 degrees
    Jupiter: Gemini 28 degrees
    Uranus: Capricorn 2 degrees, retrograde
    Saturn: Capricorn 9 degrees, retrograde
    Neptune: Capricorn 10 degrees, retrograde
    I don’t think that if I described my personality it would be accurate, especially since I know which key words to use to make it seem like astrology is real. Therefore, my description will not help you figure out whether astrology is real or not. Also, I would never believe whole heartedly in something like astrology, but it is a good idea to understand it since it is one of the talked mediums out there. Also, it can be tested which is nice, but you can only really test astrology based on direct interaction.


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