Home Discussion Forum what is your 0pinion on shamanism ?

what is your 0pinion on shamanism ?

would you say it conflicts with any religions ?


  1. Shamanism is a spiritual practice that exists within many communities; basically, it’s a person of special ability of skill who uses supernatural means to try and heal a person.
    Obviously this definition is vague and can be used to describe dozens of different healers, from txiv neebs – who don a black hood and “ride” to the underworld to retrieve the ill person’s soul – in the Hmong community to some baptist preachers – who may place their hands on an ill persons forehead and scream “devil begone!” – at some Christian churches.

  2. Shamanism exists around the word, and is used for many purposes. It does not conflict with any religion, because it is the true origin of all systematic forms of religion. Shamans never claim to have the only truth, and never say, “My way is the only one”. Shamans agree that all religions are equally valid.
    How can that conflict with anything?

  3. There are many different types of shamanism that are used in a variety of cultures. It’s a spirituality. I’ve been to a shaman healer a few times before and found it very beneficial. Not sure if it conflicts with anything, because it’s used in almost every religious practice.

  4. Shamanism itself is not a religion, but many religions have shamanistic practices. Shamanism isn’t just healing people either its also about about balance of spirit and nature.
    Even in Christianity, the receive of the holy ghost would be a shamanistic experience.
    In the Shadow of the Shaman by Amber Wolfe
    This is the best book I have found
    If any one knows any good books email a list

  5. My grandmother was a healer for our people. And in most terms she was considered a shaman. We mix our cultures and beliefs with Christianity.

  6. Some might say so. However I believe that anyone who can and does divination, healing and other such practices for the good of others is doing God’s work! Peace&Love be with you…~M~

  7. people from villages obey them like gods. but shamans can be quite dangerous….my maid’s mom was a shaman….once a mom came with her son (who was haunted by ghost, in their words) to her…and she basically to free the kid of that ghost threw him in the pond….the 3 yr old couldnt swim n thus died! yet she didnt go to the jail cuz the kid’s mom believed that the ghost actually killed him.
    that shaman lady mixed islam with her own paganism….so religion is always there.


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