What is with all this spiritual astral crap recently?

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I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but there is been a huge uprising in this spiritual bullshit all over the internet lately like astral travel, astral sex, astral projection, chakras and all this other nonsense. Were is this crap coming from and who started it? Is it just some weird ass cult or something?

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Derp Derp

Nothing new here.


Yeah I actually made a ‘cosmic wish’ or whatever a couple of months ago. Basically asking the cosmos to grant my wishes (it was more like demanding…not me but that’s how you’re supposed to do it…like name a time when you want it done by…) anyway didn’t work…obviously – otherwise I wouldn’t be answering this shite.
astral crap= huge f*cking ego.


Astral projection has been around for decades, watch the movie Vibes sometime. Ridicule away, but there are people that believe in it, and more every year.


If you think so ,you must be right.Who would want to disagree?


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