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What is with all the Wiccan/Witch on Wizard hate?

So, I’ve been doing some research on Wicca, and I’ve noticed while looking for resource information, that anybody that happens to ask on here about becoming a “wizard” that the Wiccan community leaps upon them like a pack of rabid dogs, insulting their intelligence and saying things like “Apply at Hogwarts” etc etc.Some people also correct them with things like “Its Witch!” Why does the Wiccan community seem to believe they have a monopoly on Magic, Spellcasting and the sorts? I just don’t get it. From what I’ve found there are plenty of Hermetic Traditions of Magic still in practice (Wizards? or Magicians I guess) then there is also Druidism and Shamanism, which also never seem to get mentioned (I guess because Wizard is more closely tied to Witchcraft?) But Yeah, why all the hate? Wiccan people can’t possibly believe their way is the only way can they? I thought that idea basically went against their teachings? Is it not also possible that somebody who practices Witchcraft, refer to themselves as a Wizard or Magician instead of a Witch? Which then could be passed onto a coven? Also, like Druids differ from Witches, don’t Magicians(Wiards) follow a different idealogical approach to their spellcasting? Calling on the direct elements instead of the four quarters? Anyways, I’ve rambled enough, yeah, why all the hate, to believe your way is the only way just seems a little … wrong
While I understand the points made so far, and can def see why people get so worked up about it, the subject still kinda bothers me a bit. You’ve argued that somebody needs to understand the religion first (Even tho you don’t have to have anything to do with the religion aspectof it to get into ritual spellcasting) but for many people, the internet is the best tool. I personally live in a smaller community, and aside from going to the library to try en do some research, there is nothing else around for at least 2 hours drive.
I know when I first started looking at Wicca, I was completely worried about picking up the wrong books on it (Since there are tons.) SO I went to the internet to see if there was anything suggested for beginners across several different sites and forums.
It seems that the Wiccan community is so wrapped up in correcting people all the time, that they have begun to give misinformation themselves, responding with things like “Go play D&D or WoW”
Correct me if I am wrong, but the Wicca teachings are supposed to be flexable enough so that a single individual or coven is allowed to alter the practices and teachings slightly to suit their needs. Could this not include calling their male members Wizards?
That being said, generally when I hear “Wizard” I accociate it with Hermatic Tradition, not Witchcraft.
This group calls themselves Magicians, which is also a unisex term within their order. At one time these people would have been refered to as Wizards.
I understand the need to correct people on their misinformation, but it is the aggressive overtone that most responses get. If somebody asks “How do I become a Wizard” I don’t believe they should be corrected with the statement “Wizards are fantasy, they are called Witches”.
To be honest, before researching, I thought a Male Witch was a Warlock, and have always assumed Wizards were seperate …
The orginal reason this question was asked was because while researching I noticed a high ammount of questions asking about Wizards, with a similarly high ammount of responses basically telling them they are stupid for asking that question.
Obviously by saying I was doing some research, I gave the impression that I was specifically looking into Wicca. Ultimately it was supposed to be a discussion about Witches, not Wiccans, but I tied the two together due to the high amount of Wiccans who are also Witches.
I personally have no real interest in persuing “Magic” it is just a subject that interests me, so I was looking around on it. It struck me odd that a group of people who claim to be accepting of others, and a religion which claims it can be sculpted to your own needs, would turn around and attack people for using an improper term, especially when most of them seem to be seeking “Beginner” infomation in the first place.
As far as the Hermetic Traditions go, I was trying to point out that “In my Opinion” there are orders that exist that would more closely resemble most peoples inner image of a Wizard then a Wiccan or Witch ever would. As far as calling yourself a Wizard instead of a Magician, I can only really assume somebody would choose that title as to better seperate themselves from Stage Magicians, something the common public would automatically assume you meant if you told somebody “I’m a Magician”. I guess in the same regard, Magi or Magus serves the same purpose.
What I was trying to establish here was that , while I’m sure you get many “Fakes” on here asking questions just to be stupid, with the same hand you may be turning people who are genuinely interesting in the Practice or Religion, based solely on a misused term.
As you said, you can call yourself whatever you want, but you can’t expect people to accept it, but then why do you all expect others to accept what you believe.


  1. Hate is probably a strong word, but I’ve read some of the criticism. There is one thing you have to remember, though. While you can make jokes about religion, religion is no joke. There is an especially funny quip about that in Margot Adler’s Drawing Down the Moon from one of the Eris (Goddess of Chaos) worshippers. I’ll leave it for you to find if you’re interested.
    Neo-Pagan movements are associated with “the Aquarian Age” which on the surface seems to follow Crowley’s dictum “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” but the truth is that there are responsibilities for whatever you do. Most of the criticism I read is reasonable and ALL of it is well-meaning. Sully Erna of Godsmack described Wicca as helping him through a tough period of his life, and this would make sense to everyone but haters and irresponsible people.
    Many of the questions here are well-meaning. Some are ignorant. I would generally say finding someone you can start a relationship with (and no I don’t mean a sexual one) is a better way to learn about something than just going on-line. There is no way to tell the difference between someone who is entirely serious and someone who’s curious but just doesn’t care. Wicca is a very important part of some peoples’ lives. When you ask ignorant questions of them, it is natural for them to feel as if you are suggesting an important part of them is not worth knowing about. I won’t name names but there are some Wiccans here who give very gracious answers. There are others who might not be so consistently gracious. When I find myself reading most of the Wiccans who answer questions, I find myself approaching the answers with respect.
    I would suggest you do the same, lest Leo Martello’s “Witch’s Curse” develop some bite with you. He said the Witch’s Curse” was “I wish you on yourself.” If you think about it, that’s something we all live with, but if we aren’t self-critical at all, we might occasionally find is difficult.

  2. I guess it gets a little hairy sometimes. We are so used to be prejudice against and having people judge and descriminate and gets all sorts of wrong information about our religion, htat when someone like that comes along, we get deffensive about it.
    Some would argue thatif you want to join a religion, you should learn about it first. So when someone asks how do I become a wizard, they either haven’t read anything about wicca, or they are talking about something else. Most Wiccans are so used to people getting the terms wrong, that they immdiately assume that they are talking about it and get deffensive.
    You have to remeber that noone is perfect. We don’t believe that our way is the only way. In fact there isn’t really and our wya cause veryone does it a little differently. But we do sometimes get a little to feirce when correcting so amny of the misconceptions about our religion that we may come across as saying our i the only way.
    I hope this answered your question.
    Blessed Be

  3. Simple, People are afraid of what they dont understand.
    Most people choose to believe these religions are fake because it easier to think that there may be more than one god or option for belief.
    There is no wrong book or belief. Wiccan and Paganism have basic beliefs, but most every one believes a lot of different ways only small pieces different. My mother and I both believe in and wiccan pagan way, She believes in the Goddess and I believe in natures way, Karma and allowing Fate to take its corse.
    Believe what you feel is right an dont force your self into anything you dont want to do.
    Good luck

  4. Generally, when a question is asked, someone who is either, naive, ignorant or just trying to be an a$$ think a male witch is still refered to as a Wizard. A witch, is a witch, no matter what sex they are. The majority of people who come up with the responses of “Go Play D&D or WoW” aren’t wiccan at all, but those who do not believe in the practice.
    Wiccans (some of them) are so used to defending their beliefs from non-believers that it comes as an automatic response to seem a bit…well…defensive, and perhaps a little rude (and even rudeness shouldn’t be accepted, no matter your beliefs).
    In my studies, I have yet to encounter any belief system that allows the practitioner to call themselves a Wizard, even druidism and shamanism. I still believe that the term Wizard is something that comes from Disney movies.

  5. Calling yourself a “wizard” makes you sound like a D&D or harry Potter junkie, not like a serious magical practitioner. Yes, there are plenty of people who follow Hermetic Traditions, but they don’t call themselves wizards. They call themseves magicians or magi. Wiccans have absolutely no problem with people following other magical traditions, but “wizard” is a term gnerally used by someone just seeking attention. If you’ve studied Hermeticism at all I find it very hard to believe you honestly think Hermetics commonly call themselves wizards.
    And if you are addressing your questions about Hermetic Tradition to Wiccans, then you’re proving yourself even more ignorant. And yes, sure, a coven could decide to call their male members wizards. They could also choose to call them cheeseheads. You’re welcome to call yourself whatever you want. But you’re also responsible for that choice, and if you call yourself something foolish, people are going to call you on it. There is no reason to call a male Wiccan a wizard. You’re just looking for a cutesy title, and that offends people who are actually serious about Wicca (which is not Hermetic, and which is a religion, not merely a magical practice.)
    If someone claims that all magical practitioners are called witches, then they are equally ignorant, but honestly that’s not what it sounds like you’re describing.

  6. It sounds like you have done *very* little research.
    You say you are interested in learning magical practices.
    Then any very basic research should have indicated to you by now just how important the proper usage of words is.
    Wicca is a religion. If all you are after is magic, then the religion holds absolutely nothing for you.
    There are far more practitioners of magic that have absolutely nothing to do with the religion of Wicca than there are ones that do combine the two.
    Associating “wizard” with Hermeticism, is just an indicator of how little you know about the practice. They would never use the term wizard for themselves, nor is there *any* historical basis for associating the two.
    Most use the term “magus” as used in the Kybalion.
    The basic problem here seems to be that you are trying to force the religion into your preconceived notions of magic.
    A coven can call their members whatever they want, but you trying to make everyone else accept that definition is both arrogant and silly.
    I hope you find all you seek with your magical studies – but please leave Wicca out of it if you are not interested in honoring the gods and goddesses as that is the main focus of Wicca – NOT witchcraft.
    Reading your edit, it is pretty clear that you are still missing the point.
    You need to separate the two to study either properly.
    And anyone who can’t be bothered to use the proper terminology after being corrected is not worth wasting time on teaching.

  7. I think what is happening in your search that you may contact people who are being protective of their faith. There really is no reason for this; it isn’t as if someone will steal it away.:) You are right to search, and in your search you will find your way. What I do know is magick doesn’t come from nothing. It simply rearranges whatever is here already. With that in mind, be careful what you ask for because you will take it from others to make for yourself. ( Maybe sometimes they should have something taken, but that isn’t for me to decide.) Often what we ask for isn’t what we need, but only what we think we need. When we get it then we see it wasn’t the right thing at all. I have confidence in you that you will find your perfect way.
    Blessed be

  8. I know this is an old post but I was just looking around on google and found this.
    I have nothing against people in there religion or practices.
    But from what I’ve found some time ago “wizards” or really “wise men” are people who generally know a lot. They study a lot in pretty much everything, an know alchemy, and about nature. So “wizards” or more lie realm knowledgeable people. There is more info on what a “wizard” truly is, an there are books about actual wizards from way before we were born. So we shouldn’t really dis something that we dont know all the information on. Just because you may not like it doesn’t mean you should compare to media today. Dig deeper. Not just from the “internet” but actual books. Yes, books still exist. Buy them offline to learn more. I know this was just an interest to you but best to get all the info first.


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