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What is universal consciousness?

And the significance of it.


  1. The universal space is inhabited by living self-aware energies, called souls, spirits, or consciousnesses. “Lumps” of some of them are small, some bigger, while others are large. But there is also the largest Consciousness that occupies the entire boundless universal space – this is God-the-Father, Who is also called the Creator, Jehovah, Savaof, Allah, Iswara, Tao, Primordial Consciousness, Adibuddha, etc.
    Consciousnesses of different level of evolutionary advancement abide in different layers of multidimensional space, which are called eons in Greek, lokas – in Sanskrit, etc. These layers range by the level of their subtlety-coarseness, similar to the radio waves of different frequencies: waves of different frequency ranges do not interfere, although they exist within the same space.
    Layers of multidimensional space have borders, which resemble a partition plane between transparent oil and water poured in the same glass vessel. This is how the borders between some eons really look like.
    In the deepest layer of the multidimensional universal Ocean of the Absolute resides the Unified Consciousness of the Creator; this is the layer of the subtlest Consciousness. At the opposite end of the subtlety-coarseness scale there are layers of hell, inhabited by devils and demons – the coarsest souls; this is hell.
    Thus, there are numerous layers-eons between the two ends of this scale. Throughout their individual evolution units of consciousness (souls) move from one layer to another in both directions, finding their abode either in hellish eons, or paradisiacal, or intermediate ones. But we have to strive to get into the subtlest eon, which is called the Abode of the Creator and located “deeper”, than paradise.
    Life of God consists in His Evolution, i.e. continuation of the positive development of His Universal Organism.
    This is the reason why He creates material worlds in various parts of the universe and then settles tiny particles of His energy into organic bodies on planets, which are suitable at the particular time for the existence of the latter. These particles should grow and merge back into Him and enrich Him in the end. Their growth starts on the crystalline lattices of minerals, continues in the bodies of plants, animals, and then those of humans.
    Each of us has come through multitude of incarnations in his personal evolution – before getting in his current human body. And our task for now is to make maximum efforts in order to become worthy of Mergence with the Creator in His Abode.
    It is clear to us now how we should love God, isn’t it?
    We have to do everything we can to attain Divinity ourselves and to merge into Him, and also to help other people in doing this.
    We advance towards Divinity by means of:
    – Cultivation of love for all living beings and for the Creator,
    – Refinement of ourselves as consciousness so that we can move into more subtle eons – away from hell and closer to the Abode of the Creator.
    – Intellectual self-perfection: accumulation of knowledge about the most important, training of the thinking abilities, intellectual creativity etc.,
    – Increasing the power of our refined consciousness, which is directly proportional to the size of its “lump”.
    An individual consciousness has the ability to increase quantitatively (to grow). It grows in the course of incarnations as it enters physical bodies of increasing size. But at the human stages of the evolution of an individual soul this growth is accelerated if a person leads an intense life in any area: from physical labor, to intellectual work, to healing, etc. But there are also special (esoteric) methods of acceleration of the quantitative growth of consciousness that consist in various types of meditative training, which are especially effective if conducted in combination with athletic exercises and on special “power places”.
    One must remember that an increase of the size and power of a coarse consciousness will make a devil out of a person and will determine a quite “stable” life in hell for him. It is only growth of a refined consciousness that has a real value.
    What, then, leads to the coarsening of consciousness and what – to the refinement of it?
    There are both external and internal factors. Among the former is the introduction of certain kinds of energy into the organism from outside: either coarse or refined. For instance, eating bodies of killed animals, prolonged stay inside coarse energy fields, generated by coarse people, powerful voltage transformers and similar sources – all this coarsens consciousness. Communicating with refined people, getting attuned to the subtlest natural phenomena and works of art contribute to refinement of it.
    But what is even more important in this process are the person’s own emotions. Emotions are nothing else but states of consciousness. They are generated in special energy structures of the human organism – chakras. (Electric processes, reg

  2. I don’t know. Maybe it’s Michael Rennie’s wet dream. Even Whitman dissed Bucke when Bucke was writing about what he called COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS.

  3. Klaatu gives a very detailed analysis of it. Some people would add to it, or change parts of it, but metaphysically speaking Klaatu got it right.
    Which is precisely why epistemologically it cannot exist and is of no purpose in any rational understanding of the universe.
    Consciousness is intrinsically individual.


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