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What is this that I see? Spirits or auras or something?

My mum has a friend that is really spiritual. I have heard a couple of times that she sees flashes of coloured light, which has something to do with spirits.
Recently I’ve been noticing bits of coloured light as well. I’d blink and it would kinda flash in front of me and then disappear quickly. I’ve mainly been seeing blue but I’ve seen red once when I suddenly looked at my cat.
Does anyone here know what I’m talking about?


  1. werid eyes…or illusions…or ur creeping a me out…or it’s just that I’ve been seeing werid stuff also just red…^^ it’s my eye only

  2. Flashes of light are the most commonly overhyped spiritual phenomenon. Many many explanations could exist from magnetic fields to a litany of eye problems.
    See an eye doctor first and let him/her know you recently are seeing spots. This is not a joking matter because if you truly have an eye problem and pass it off as seeing spirits, you will be in a world of trouble when it progresses and you realize it could have been fixed quicker.
    I refuse to get into the details on this forum, but I 100% guarantee you spirits exist. I had an experience (nothing to do with spots) which forever changed my belief but in your situation please rule out if you have an eye problem first by seeing a professional optometrist.

  3. There are a lot of more mundane reasons to see things like flashes of colour. Sometimes is can be the light catching on dust in the air (if it is very sunny, or there are some bright lights).
    There are also some neurological problems that can cause this. Some people actually get something called synesthesia in which they see certain things as colours. It can come from sounds or other stimulus.
    Before assuming something paranormal, you really should rule out the normal to be certain you don’t have any diseases.

  4. If you are seeing something that is not there there is most probably something wrong with your eyes, flashes out light can be a detached retina, seeing auras sometimes occurs before a seizure or migrane.
    There is nothing spiritual about having dodgy eyes, go to your doctor and get it checked out.

  5. Nothing to do with the paranormal.
    If it’s bad enough to worry you, see a doctor. He or she can arrange for your eyes to be tested – probably they’re quite normal, but if it puts your mind at ease, it’s worth it.

  6. It can be some sort of “blind light” phenomena that happens when you are long exposed to bright light like from the sun and when you entered a dark room yu seldom see the after shock of the bright light does seeing such as red or blue spots through your sight.

  7. Your mums friend probably has retinal damage and should get medical attention for that or she may end up blind. She will probably say the spirits blinded her and on her grave stone it will say, crossed over because the spirits called to her.
    You are probably looking at normal reflections and peripheral vision illusions and attributing it to spirits because your mums friend made it sound normal. If its happening quite frequently and you suspect its not simply an illusion that you are imagining is spiritual, you should get it checked out, it could be a sign of a bigger medical problem, either with your eyes, or a tumor. You don’t want to let it go.
    Assuming the spirit world exists, it is not visible to mankind, or audible for that matter. These are physical attributes which exist in our world, and it would be impossible from a physics perspective for a spirit to have these attributes.
    Mediums are 100% fake, without question. Noone has the ability to talk to the dead. This is not an opinion.

  8. I see flashes of blue and usually they are associated with a migraine coming on. See if any health situations coordinate with the flashes, if they do not, then see an eye Dr.. if your eyes are fine or the Dr. gives you a perscription and the flashes still occur then go to you moms friend and speak to her. Do not assume that it is paranormal or supernatural without ruling everything else out first.

  9. You do always want to make sure you have no physical “issue”. Seeing an eye doctor is always the first step (my eyes are checked regularly).
    If the doctor says “You’re fine” aside from maybe not so 20/20 vision…then you can start taking a more metaphysical approach to things.
    The color could be from anything; like seeing a contrasting color just right prior to looking at another color. It could be the aura of the person, animal, or object. Yes, objects can have an aura. An aura is nothing more than the energy given off by something in existence.
    Read up on the whole energy/mass equation (E=mc2).
    Just because you see a flash of color doesn’t always mean there is a problem with your eyes; just as every flash of color doesn’t mean its a spirit.
    Your mum’s friend likely just happens to see a flash of color whenever she sees a spirit. That is not the same for all people; I happen to see a slight ‘blur’ or ‘ripple’.
    Did you ever see the movie ” The Predator” where the Predator does his ‘invisible’ gig? Sort of like that is what I tend to pick up.
    Without really studying your surroundings and comparing it to the timing and context of your experience…its just a coincidence that you see the colors and not really applicable to anything specific.


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