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What is this 'Subconscious State' of the mind?


  1. It’s a powerful thing that can help in your life. I think the subconscious gathers a vast amount of information from your surrounding etc, and processes it, like a master computer. Thoughts can travel anywhere in the world, and be picked up. I know this sounds crazy but I really believe it because I pick up on so much. I think it manifests itself into the choices that we make in life, and guides our intuition and gut feelings so that’s why it’s important to listen to those feelings. Just my take on it. Cheers Each day is precious.

  2. Think of it like an engine in a car, and you will realize it is not a “state” of mind. When the engine is on, that is a “state”, just as when it is off; but its existence is not a state. In the same way, the subconscious is not a state of existence of the mind, but an integral part of it, a part that is always running.
    The subconsciousness is the awareness of the mind that is not aware of itself. Consciousness is aware of it, like a closet full of clothes that often choose themselves for you, as if they were an automated rack in a dry cleaners going round and round until–changing metaphors–the round peg on the clothes rack drops into the round hole in your consciousness.
    The rack of clothes–or pegs–goes round and round without your permission and without your knowledge, except when one of the pegs suddenly emerges, often at inopportune times, like the memory of one date you had in bed when you’re in bed with a different one.
    The subconsciousness, like that rack of clothes or pegs, never stops moving. It always follows the rules of logic because the human mind, like nature itself, has rules that keep it working. But of the 256 rules of categorical syllogisms, your mind is not always going to find the right logic, and when it does find it, it may be some time getting there. Both the conscious mind and the subconscious part of it must work the rules until they hit upon the right rule, the one which, like Occam’s Razor, provides the basic and simplest terms, the simplest theory that fits the facts of a problem and does not contain a known fallacy.
    But nothing is perfect. Aristotle’s cosmology stood for centuries, with no accepted fallacies, until Galileo forced the Church to see them, and to see that the ideas of Copernicus were now the only acceptable logic.
    The subconscious does what the conscious mind does, but it does it in the background, unaware of itself, not concerned with what meal to eat or whether it’s time to go to bed. It is also the only part of the mind used by infants and toddlers until that “OMG! moment” when they suddenly see themselves looking at themselves looking at themselves. That is the moment when the consciousness awakens to the greater world, and to the world of “knowing”.
    The subconscious doesn’t know what it knows. It just keeps turning. It’s up to the consciousness to pick the right clothes, or the right peg, from the constantly turning rack.


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