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What is this religious belief called? (Reincarnation, Ascension)?

I believe we reincarnate until we can’t reincarnate anymore. I believe every life is a lesson; after all lessons we do not have to reincarnate anymore. We exist with the God and Goddess in “heaven” (“Heaven” is the entire Universe).
Is it just called ascension or what?


  1. Not sure what you mean by “Ascension”. By me, it sounds like reincarnation. Pretty much coincides with the way I think it works myself.

  2. sounds similar to Hinduism and Buddism… then again, also sounds like my own beliefs…
    If you’re unsure of your religion, try going to Beliefnet.com and taking the quiz… it takes a little time, but it’s actually pretty accurate about what religions you would fit into.


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