what is this psychic ability?





My friend and I sometimes have these strong but vague feelings of something really BAD is going to happen. The tarot cards have supported this, and the tarot doesn’t usually lie to us
Im not sure about my friend but the sensation is like extreme paranoia and it seems like I am hallucinating. Noise makes it worse, but so does complete silence. We were both getting tired but when this happens to me I have trouble sleeping. Is this a warning or an attack?
Also, I took a psychic test that included this question “4. Have you had some feeling of some strong premonition of impeding disaster?”
what could they be talking about?


  1. The feeling of extreme paranoia, where you jump at every noise… that’s hypervigilance, and it’s BECAUSE of the paranoia, it’s anxiety. Could be because you’ve given the feeling of impending doom too much thought, that it’s making you fear it.
    I have had this feeling, have also had the opposite feeling, where I nkow something good is coming and have had feelings where I just knew *something* was coming, not what or even exactly when. I know how annoying it can be. It really can mess with your head. But try to relax. If it was anything for you to worry about, that feeling would also come with a clue about what, exactly, it was. My guess it’s just change coming.
    The psychic test question is asking you if you’ve ever had a feeling that something bad was going to happen. Don’t put too much stock into those tests. They don’t accurately measure psychic ability, they’re just a clue that you *might* have it. Trust me, if you do, you know it.
    hope this helps. peace and love

  2. the feeling something is going to happen is premontion. most people have it. moms definitely have it when their kid is in trouble for instance. you will also notice that the more emotionally connected you are the more likely you are to find a premonition. many problems though . how do you tell the difference between premonition and just regular thoughts. for that think about where you heard the thought in your head. top left . center , right etc. when you try to remember something we look in a particular direction and this is the same principle. another problem is – if you listen to your intuition and nothing happens how do you know anything bad would happen if you dont follow the advice. sometimes you can find out sometimes no. i didnt follow my intuition one time and i had an accident because the road hadnt been deiced. the rule of thumb is always follow your inner voice.
    last thing in reference to tarot cards. they dont have any magic in them , they are basicaly a crutch. the reason people use them is to take the second guessing out of a reading, it helps to focus the thinking. you could just as easily use runes a coin or i ching sticks

  3. Tarot cards don’t work – you get out of them whatever you want; it’s completely subjective. So of course they’re confirming what you already thought. You’re just being paranoid. Feeling like something bad will happen can always be supported – bad stuff happens all the time. Unless you can make a real prediction – what, where, when, who – then it’s just your imagination. And psychics aren’t real either, no matter how many internet tests you can find.

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