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What is this place I was taken to during meditation?

I did meditation with a Reiki teacher friend of mine and I went into a trance during which I was seeing a “different world” in which a white robed creature appeared and “talked” to me. During that state I was completely unaware of my physical surroundings and I was also experiencing a very high degree of peace and harmony with the rest of the world. What is that trance state called? What is this place I went to?


  • The sense of peace and harmony is good — it sounds like you were gifted with a bit of bliss from existence.

    As for the images: the mind is very clever and cunning, and can create all kinds of ways to fool you into thinking special things are happening. Thoughts, images, projections, memories from movies, from TV — all these things are simply creations of the mind. Give them no juice. Just be present, watch, be aware, and let the mind do what it does. Allow the thoughts and images to pass like clouds floating through an empty sky.

  • i took 1k loan from speedlender.com to do reiki classes but i didnt get such experience after attunement..i did up to 2nd level

  • Soul travel is a wonderful experience there are many worlds within this world, dimensions in time that we can travel to during meditation or dreaming.

  • Wow, you entered a spiritual realm, what a great experience, a oneness with everything. You made contact with the spiritual energy that connects you to everything else in the universe.

  • It’s called “spiritual materialism” and it is meaningless and a trap. Just kiss it goodbye and keep meditating.

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